3 Phone Hacking Methods Used by Hackers

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3 Phone Hacking Methods Used by Hackers

3 Phone Hacking Methods Used by Hackers

With these 3 easy Phone Hacking Methods, hackers can hack your phone. Phone hacking is completely normal these days. But how can we protect ourselves from these electronic attacks? First of all, we need to know how our phone is hacked. There are three common and easy Phone Hacking Methods. Today Technical Dost is going to discuss these 3 Phone Hacking Methods.


1.  Man in the Middle Attack

This is a duplicate website. which is a replica of a real website. There is a slight difference between the names of a fake website and a real website. Due to this, the illusion of the website’s being the real website is created on it.

For example, you opened a website named Zomato to order from Zomato, and in a hurry, you forgot to visit the entire website. You have given all your information to that website. It can be difficult to differentiate between these two websites. These two websites can appear to be carbon copies of one another at times. Similarly, many websites are copied.

How to check: You can only recognize it by the address. They can duplicate that website, but they cannot have the same address. It is as if two people may have the same face but their fingerprints may not be the same. The address must start with “https://”. And there should be a properly authorized website.


2. Wi-Fi Hack

In our world, we run after free things. Chanakya had said, “Where the people are free-living, there the thugs rule.” All we need to do is get free Wi-Fi and we will be ready to use it. We don’t care about security. But it’s all a trap. As soon as you click on that free WiFi, the hacker will take all the information from your phone.

The simple solution is that you do not click on such free Wi-Fi.


3. Sniffing on the shoulder

This is the most common and non-technical 3 Phone Hacking Methods Used by Hackers. You are in such a hurry to withdraw money from the ATM that you enter the ATM PIN without any hesitation. But many times, people are looking at you. What is your pin? Maybe they put a small camera somewhere. You are also logging onto your laptop and entering the password, then people come and watch from every corner.

Therefore, if you do something like this in public places, before doing it, you must check once around you to see whether there is anyone around you. It was nothing special, but it is a very common cause.

Well, there are many other ways to hack. But these three reasons are the most common. Finally, check the website and then click on it. Do not connect to unknown free WiFi.

Here are 8 signs of whether your phone is hacked or not. To avoid all this, you can use a good VPN. But again, don’t go for a free VPN. Get a good VPN. You will be safe.

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