4 Common Cheating with Customers By Mobile Companies

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4 Common Cheating With Customers By Mobile Companies

4 Common Cheating with Customers By Mobile Companies

Every company has different departments to run itself. Sales-oriented companies have the most effective sales and marketing departments. Marketing experts are creative people who develop more tricks to attract customers. Experts understand our minds very well while using these tricks. While using these tricks, companies have also started fooling us. There are many examples. Today I will reveal four broad points by which companies fool us openly. 

Here are 4 typical Cheating With Customers By Mobile Companies by Technical Dost.


1. illogical Camera specificaion

The most crucial feature of any smartphone is its Camera. The camera quality is based on its megapixels. Usually, companies do attractive marketing of their camera features, exposures, etc. But I’m not going to talk about its Mega Pixels. Beautiful pics and videos, which you usually see in mobile phone advertising, are not from mobile cameras but from DSLR cameras. Nokia had experimented with this type of marketing for its Nokia Lumia 920.

Recently, Huawei was also doing the same thing. They promote the phone camera’s Nova 3 pics in ads, which were actually from a DSLR. Such acts are happening to us with such ruthlessness. The samples of cameras shown by the companies in the advertisement may be high-definition DSLR cameras.


2. Unwanted Ads on Phone

“Why are they getting unwanted ads on their phones?” most people wonder. This could happen for different reasons. The major reason for the ads is the inbuilt application of the phone. Every company gives you some inbuilt application with a phone. 

Xiaomi leads in this, but Samsung Vivo Oppo is also in the same race. All pre-installed applications are the reason for unwanted ads. Pre-install apps are named “bloatware.” However, they are really very irritating and very annoying. 


3. Managing an AnTuTu Score

AnTuTu Score is made to check the performance of the phone processor. The high AnTuTu Score reflects the good quality performance of the processor. Every company manages its score, whether it’s Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, or Vivo.


4. Heavy Discount After the launch

How to understand this policy of the companies? It became a trend just after the launch of any handset. Companies introduced price drops or had discounts on smartphones.

They don’t think about customers who bought a phone a few days ago and now suddenly saw the price drop on their new phone. It’s painful. I suggest everyone not buy a mobile phone on the day of the launch. You should always buy a phone after a few days, so you won’t get hurt by the price drop.

4 cheating With customers by Mobile Companies

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