4 Reasons why you should not Buy a Smart TV

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4 Reasons why you should not Buy a Smart TV

4 Reasons why you should not Buy a Smart TV

Smart TVs sound good with their features. Normally, people talk about its advantages only. On the other hand, Smart TVs have big disadvantages too. Anything you run or connect to the internet has the potential to be hacked. Let’s discuss in detail why you should not Buy a Smart TV by Technical Dost. 

Why you should not Buy a Smart TV

1. Privacy and security issues

Smart TVs can be hacked smartly. Any device that can connect through the internet has a full chance of getting hacked. Automatic content recognition (ACR) gives full information about your usage. Your privacy is always at stake while using Smart TV. Your data can be resold to third parties as well.

2. Camera and microphone

An inbuilt camera in a Smart TV can be used by a hacker to spy on you. It sounds strange, but it’s reality. The FBI also has a statement on smart TV misuse.

As in one report by CNN, “Your Samsung TV is eavesdropping on your conversation.”

3. Smart TVs come with voice recognition

Unfortunately, companies didn’t work properly on the voice recognition feature. Usually, your TV won’t be able to hear your command properly. It’s highly irritating that you pay a good amount for this feature and it doesn’t work.

4. Interface, efficiency, and processing challenges

Smart TV requires timely updates to work accurately. Smart TV manufacturers failed to provide timely updates. As a result, TV performance gets an impact. The making of the interface by the manufacturer is not friendly at all. If the voice command doesn’t work, you start typing. There are numerous options and resources available when conducting a search for anything. There is so much hard work to be done when you are trying to relax. Because of a lack of updates, Smart TV automatically shuts down or reboots its applications or opens very slowly.

How to Convert a Normal TV into a Smart TV

You can use a fire stick to make any TV smart.

Your TV must have an HDMI port to use a fire stick. Many Firesticks, like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast, are available on the market.

The Benefits of Fire Sticks

  1. The voice recognition system functions properly.
  2. Regular updates to run the device properly and to maintain security.
  3. Online Streaming
  4. Connecting to the HDMI port is simple.
  5. Access to numerous TV shows, movies, music, games, etc.
  6. It’s portable and easy to use.

Smart TVs are a threat to your privacy. Hackers can hack your data and spy through your TV camera. To avoid all of these problems, simply purchase a standard television. For more entertainment, use the Fire Stick hassle-free. You do not need to worry that somebody might sell your data to anyone.

4 Reasons why you should not Buy a Smart TV

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