4 things you must never Google 

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Here are 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks

The biggest scammers are waiting for you in four of the most popular Google searches. Here are 4 things you must never Google.

Are you a Google user? It’s a stupid question. How is it possible that you are not using Google? Answers to every question are available on Google. For every little thing, we use Google Search. There are benefits and drawbacks to Google search if it is not used properly. Search Engine has the answer to every little query. But before you choose any Google suggestion, Think twice whether it’s related to investment or earning money.

4 things you must never Google

1. Weight-loss and weight-gain advice.

Every individual’s needs and desires are different. Few have the desire to gain weight, some want to lose weight. Many suggestions and videos claim you will lose weight, weight in 7 days or through 10 steps, etc. Google has countless results on weight loss and gains. Many claims they will help you. But Technical Dost suggests you consult your doctor and dietician. Only seek the advice of a certified medical practitioner. 


2. False Customer Service Phone Numbers

Are you searching for any company’s customer care number? Be sure the number you get is really authentic or not. Fake websites manipulate many things to look like official websites. They have a customer care number and claim on call that they are not fake. Basically, they are scammers, who just to take your details or commit monetary fraud. Before dialing the customer service number, the official website should be visited.


3. Look up Home Remedies.

The list of Home remedies on Google you can’t think of. You will find national and international suggestions for every disease. Do not make the mistake of taking any medicine based on an online suggestion. Do not go for any home remediation. 

Are you sure if the suggestion-giver is a doctor or not? Home remedies may work differently for different people. Always consult your doctor. Every remedy is not designed for you. You may face side effects or other health problems so these things you must never Google. 


4. How to Make Money Online

The name of money brings shining stars to our eyes. After all, money has the power to do anything. Attraction toward the shine of money is a human tendency. Because of this tendency, we make mistakes without thinking. To believe in ads to earn money online through data work, filling up forms, or other related searches is 99% fake. Stay away from this kind of search. It will take you nowhere.

Check Google mera naam kya hai 

They will cheat you on your money. There is no shortcut to success and earning money. So, instead of taking shortcuts, put in the effort. These are the things you must never Google.

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