5 new online fraud Methods in India 2023

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5 new online fraud Methods in India

5 new Online Fraud Methods in India 2023

In India, online fraud is as common as drinking tea. We are discussing new methods of online fraud here. There is never a day when there is no news about it. Someone’s 10,000 rupees were stolen, 20 lakhs were taken from someone’s account, and crores were lost. Especially with new methods. This means that the methods of sending the link via SMS or closing the bank account are now obsolete.

A new style has emerged. That is why we have compiled a list of the five most recent forgery methods so that you can be cautious. Here are 5 new online fraud Methods in India by Technical Dost.


1. By Offering Work From Home

Along with Corona, the culture of working from home has grown in the United States and around the world. Cybercriminals are capitalizing on this. People are trapped when they hear about the convenience of working from home and a good salary. An offer letter is also used to complete the work. Salary is also provided for a few months.

5 new online fraud Methods in India
5 new online fraud Methods in India

They developed new online fraud Methods in India. When the person in front is completely caught in the trap, money is taken from him in reverse under any pretext. Everyone knows what will happen once the money is given. If you come across such an offer, proceed only after conducting a thorough investigation. Any company that requests reverse money from you. This is the most significant indication. Be especially cautious if you work as a freelancer.


2. Saying sent money to your wallet by mistake

This is a one-of-a-kind method devised by criminals. From anywhere, a few hundred or thousand rupees will be credited to your account/wallet. You will then receive a phone call and begin to cry. It will be stated right away that money has been deposited into your account by mistake. Please return it to me. Mother must be treated or the sister will marry. If you agree, the money will be requested via the link or code. There is no need to predict what will happen next. Be cautious, and if someone’s money truly comes to you, deposit it with account information or request that the person in front of you follow the legal process.

3. Offering to do movie reviews and earn lakhs

This is such an excellent method that only the best ones survive. You have been contacted via the Telegram group. The job entails simply reviewing the film. Many people in the group also posted screenshots of their earnings. First and foremost, you are given money. When trust is established, the desire for double money is taken from you in a single day or in another way. Everything is a hoax. Keep your distance. Such incidents occur under the guise of liking YouTube videos with this new online fraud Method in India.

4. Give OTP to cancel the parcel

5 new online fraud Methods in India
5 new online fraud Methods in India

The doorbell would ring, and a man would be standing in front of the parcel. You’ll say it’s not mine or that I didn’t order anything at all. The delivery person will make a stupid face and say, “I’ll cancel it.” Simply share the OTP you received. This is something you and I do without thinking about it. Everyone is aware of what happens with OTP. It doesn’t take long before the account is depleted. Keep away from any such package.

5. A phone call becomes a call to the account

Hey, brother and sister, my phone is turned off. It has been damaged or stolen. Please can I make a phone call? Who would deny it in a country where phone calls are almost free? We put the phone down. That’s where it’ll be heard. While talking, some numbers are dialed on your phone, and your number is then forwarded to another number. What happens next is determined by the criminal’s mood. That is why, before you assist someone, take a moment to reflect. The phone must never be placed in the hands of others.

There will be many other ways that are not obvious right now. Even the old ones aren’t done. That is why we must all exercise extra caution.

5 new online fraud Methods in India

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