5 YouTube URL Tricks You Should Be Aware of

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You should know about these 5 YouTube URL tricks

You should know about these 5 YouTube URL tricks

Although YouTube remains the dominant video site on the web, you probably don’t think much about replacing it. You can customize YouTube in a variety of ways, whether you use it occasionally or watch videos online on a daily basis with some YouTube URL tricks. 

5 YouTube URL Tricks You Should Be Aware of by Technical Dost.


One of the major categories of these is special YouTube link tricks. Let’s take a look at some YouTube URL tricks to help you get the most out of these tricks.

Make a link to any part of a video

So, for example, this video:


It can be shared two minutes into the video using this URL:


Stop the video at the point where you want to share it, right-click, and choose “Copy video URL at the current time.” This will save you from having to use the manual method.


2. Create a video loop

YouTube is a great place to listen to music that you can’t find anywhere else, such as video game soundtracks for studying. If you’re interested in a specific song and want to listen to it on repeat, you can add the word “repeater” after the word “youtube” in the URL.

This will open the video on YouTubeRepeater.com, which loops the video for you.

So change this URL:


To this loop it:


Using the options at the bottom of the video on the new page, you can change the start or end time for the video if you wish. While we wanted to highlight the URL hack method, you can also do it natively on YouTube.  Simply right-click on a YouTube video and toggle on Loop to keep it going.


3. Bypass Age Restrictions

There are age restrictions on some YouTube videos that have been flagged as containing mature content.  Whether you don’t have a YouTube account or don’t feel like signing in to watch one, you can do a little trick to bypass signing in.

Consider the URL of a restricted YouTube video, which looks like this:


Now, add the phrase “NSFW” before the portion of the link that refers to YouTube, as shown here:


The video will be on a new site with no age restrictions. If you still see the message about the age restriction, click here to try another method of text at the top of the page. This will load it on a new page, which will hopefully play the video successfully.


4. Allow for a Certain Amount of Intro

You can choose to skip a specific number of seconds at the beginning of the movie, similar to how the URL trick lets you choose when a video starts. You can also choose to skip the first minute of the film entirely. You can’t specify minutes with this, so use 90 (seconds) for a minute and a half.

In other words, if you want to skip the first 30 seconds of this video:


Add &start=30 to the end of the URL to get the following:


It’s similar to Timing, but a little faster to type and doesn’t require you to remember a certain timestamp.


5. Grab the Thumbnail of Any Video

It’s common to see images from YouTube videos when searching Google for images, usually titled “maxresdefault.” With a URL tweak, you can easily view a high-quality thumbnail for any You can watch a YouTube video (if it has one) by going to:


Replace [VideoID] with the text after v= at the end of a YouTube video. So to see the thumbnail of this video:


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