7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps

You guys might be familiar with me, as I’ve been posting videos on YouTube since 2016. I used to be a teacher who was well-versed in the art of instruction. I was only making a small amount of money, but I wasn’t happy with the work that I was doing. I have always believed that I am capable of more. Following the advent of 4G technology, I also made a channel on YouTube. And fortunately, my channel gained a lot of viewers. Yes, I used to believe the same thing as you do, which is that everything depends on luck. It’s possible that I lucked out at that particular moment.

However, after some time has passed, I had the opportunity to learn how many mistakes I made as a newbie YouTuber. Currently, there are more than 2 million people subscribed to My Channel Technical Dost. All of these tips for new YouTubers are my experiences, from which I have gained knowledge over the course of the past six years. What was the error that I made, and what was it that I really shouldn’t have done?

1.    Just ignore the cash and have fun!

7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps
7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if money is the only reason you are doing YouTube, you won’t find what you’re looking for there. These suggestions are for people who are just starting out on YouTube. You can’t just upload videos to YouTube for the purpose of making money if you want to make YouTube into a full-time career. Having a powerful internal motivation is absolutely necessary. Tips for new YouTubers If you want to be successful, you have to find it within yourself to push forward and make things happen.

2.    No expensive equipment is needed

7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps
7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps

It’s a myth that you have to buy expensive tools to get the job done. Creating videos with my phone is something I’ve mentioned many times before. There was no laptop available for me to use. Even at this late hour, I’m still editing videos with the app on my phone. You don’t need a camera or a tripod to make a video; all you need is your mobile device and a few low-cost add-ons to get the job done.

That’s why it’s important that your content is top-notch. Tips for new YouTubers is that the vast majority of viewers are more interested in the content that you present than they are in the aesthetic or technical qualities of your videos. Increase the amount of effort you put into the content you’re actually producing.

3.    The Importance of a Proper Title

The title is the most important part. The process of optimizing content for search engines, also known as SEO, will benefit from this. Therefore, the title of your work should be made up of the number of important phrases threaded together. Take, for example, any popular video that has gained wide popularity in the recent past or any other popular video title available on YouTube.

Changing that will immediately give your video a new title. Changing that is very simple. Borrow their language, but rename it under a different name. That would position your video so that it is near to the one that the other user has posted. You should include them in your description as well as tips for new YouTubers.

4.    Texts are crucial

The text is very important. These suggestions for new users of YouTube, the likes of which can be helpful for search engine optimization. Finding new keywords to use can initially be a difficult task in tips for new YouTubers. Simply enter your subject into the search bar at https://rapidtags.io/, and the website will provide you with a list of search terms that are highly relevant to your research.

5.    This is the timeframe for the video.

Your video should be a minimum of two minutes long and no longer than five minutes in length. To put it simply, people who watch your video won’t know anything about you until after they’ve seen your clip, and they won’t know anything about you until after they’ve seen it.

You shouldn’t have too high of expectations regarding the number of times they will watch your video. They are granting you permission to spend some valuable time with them there, so take advantage of it while you can. Tips for new YouTubers that you really need to increase the efficiency of your visit. in order for them to start interacting with you as quickly as possible.

6.    Impressive Thumbnail

These are common blunders made by YouTubers who are just starting out. They simply add unnecessary clutter to the thumbnails by including an excessive amount of text. They want to be able to tell the whole story through thumbnails as their medium. Having said that, the way in which you are approaching this is completely incorrect. It would be extremely helpful if you could add some text to the thumbnail of the image.

If you want the viewer to be interested in what you have to offer, the thumbnail that you choose needs to be interesting. Additionally, they will feel moved to watch your video once they see it. Tips for new YouTubers, Make an effort to give the thumbnail a shocking impression. Include an interesting illustration in the text.

7.    Don’t bag for subscribers or like

Last but not least, don’t engage in any kind of request for views or followers. When someone “likes” your video, they are given the option to also subscribe to your channel. If they find value in advice for new YouTube creators, you can be certain that they will eventually give your video a thumbs up. If they like your channel, then it is almost certain that they will subscribe to your channel.

Lastly, it is not a good idea to immediately request that people like and subscribe to your channel when you first interact with them. When someone hasn’t even watched the video, what’s the point in trying to get them to “like” and “subscribe” to your channel? This is comparable to placing an order at a restaurant and then being questioned about the quality of the service prior to the arrival of the food at the table. which does not make any sense at all.

At the very end of the video, you’ll soon be able to insert a call to action encouraging viewers to sign subscribe to your channel. These are the tips for new YouTubers.  I really hope that you are successful on YouTube and that you do not make the same mistakes that you made earlier. I have high hopes for how things turn out for you.

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7 tips for new YouTubers Here are some first steps

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