8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

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8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

TrueCaller is one of the most popular call-blocking apps available. Even though not everyone will see the value in using this app, it does provide a few helpful options. The TrueCaller features go beyond traditional “caller detection.” Android users, take note: here are eight reasons why you should download and use the TrueCaller app.


What are these TrueCaller App Features


  1. Messages in Category

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

One of the most remarkable features of the TruCaller app is its capacity to separate important messages from spam, which is typically a nuisance. With Truecaller’s Smart SMS feature, users can have incoming messages automatically sorted into relevant categories.

When activated, the app classifies incoming messages as either “important” or “not important,” depending on their nature, such as promotional, spam, delivery, payment, etc. Users are also given guidance on how to avoid becoming the target of online fraud. Messages are stored locally on the device and there is no connection to the company’s servers.


  1. Urgent Messages

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

This fantastic feature of the TrueCaller app ensures that you will never again miss a critical phone call or text. Flash-based messages are displayed prominently on users’ screens. Even if the recipient’s device is idle, the message will remain until it is read.

This feature was developed to help senders get their recipients’ attention for urgent or important messages by giving them control over the alert they receive.


  1. Edit Sent Chat Messages

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

This feature, allows users to modify already sent messages. Autocorrect can mess things up for you by automatically replacing words you don’t intend to send to anyone.

And finally, an erroneous message is being sent. To tackle this issue, Truecaller allows users to edit the chat messages sent. Chat messages can be edited at any time after sending, even if the recipient has seen them.


  1. Share large files

User-sent media files sent via Truecaller are limited to 100 MB in size. It could be anything from photographs to videos to documents.


  1. Password-protect messages

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

Here you can choose between using a personal identification number (PIN) and fingerprint authentication to safeguard your communications. Passcode Lock is a feature in TrueCaller that can be used to add an extra layer of security to your messages.

A biometric lock or a personal identification number (PIN) with up to four digits can be used to secure messages. One of TrueCaller’s most trustworthy features is its ability to identify unknown numbers.

  1. The reason for the call

It’s possible to give other app users some background on why you’re calling them. The time may come when you need to call someone, but the recipient is currently unavailable.

As such, you can benefit from Truecaller’s call area feature. Thanks to this feature, users can better understand the background of their calls. The other party to the call will see the reason on their screen as soon as they answer.


  1. Spam Blocking

8 TrueCaller App Features That Android Users must try

It blocks robocalls and other spam communication like text messages. Truecaller can automatically identify and block robocalls, telemarketers, scams, frauds, harassment, and the like.

While it’s running in the background, the program will check all incoming calls and text messages to see if they come from known spammers.


  1. Smart Reminder

Another function is to send reminders to users in plenty of time before their bills, payments, and other commitments are actually due. The Smart Reminder feature keeps tabs on a user’s finances and sends out reminders before any upcoming due dates, bills, or tickets.


Why You should use these TrueCaller app features?

Truecaller is a popular mobile app that does everything from identifying callers to blocking spam calls to sending flash messages and recording conversations. Most of the time, it stores user data in a central repository. The caller ID app is simple to install on both Android and iOS devices.

For even more effective business communication and to reach a wider audience, Truecaller users can set up a business profile for their company. A Truecaller business profile can be made for free, but upgrading to a verified account, which includes additional features, will cost you money each month.

These are some of the most impressive aspects of the TrueCaller app. The vast majority of people do not realize they possess these skills. Using this function will without a doubt help you become more technically savvy. A lot of people are putting their faith in it being a lifesaver. Message management software may help you avoid many uncomfortable situations. The time you save from spam blocking can be substantial.

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