A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie

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A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie

Everywhere you go, you can see on these billboards where mobile companies claim to launch a 100 Megapixel Camera or 108 MP camera. And they clearly want to manipulate consumers who are not tech experts to believe that higher megapixels will give them better Camera quality. 

After witnessing people experiencing the lies and deception with which these Mobile manufacturers treat their customers, I cannot help but feel bad. In point of fact, you do not even require these cameras that have a higher pixel count.

The only factor that affects the size of that photograph is the pixel count. Only in the event that you intend to print your photographs in a large frame will these higher pixel counts be beneficial to you. If that is not the case, then they are completely pointless. People interested in purchasing a phone typically only look at the device’s megapixel configuration.

Allow me to tell you that they are only interested in making you look like an idiot. You will be able to learn more about the many other factors that contribute to a better photo image by reading the following paragraphs. The problem is that in addition to these factors, there are many others that are responsible for a better photo image.


Megapixels—what are they for?

A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie
A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie

A photograph is given a megapixel rating based solely on the number of total pixels that are contained within it. The higher the megapixel count, the more space the image takes up.

In the process of printing the photo, it can come in handy. More megapixels = larger printed photos. The size, arrangement, and isolation of the photosite pixels are the three main factors that limit the resolution of high-resolution phone cameras.

In addition to this, there is post-processing software, and the quality of the camera lens should also be taken into consideration.


Purpose of 100 Megapixel Camera

A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie
A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie

This truth is only true in part if you believe that having a 100 Megapixel Camera will result in pictures of a higher quality for you. A higher megapixel count, such as a 100 Megapixel Camera, may provide you with a picture with a satisfactory size, but this does not guarantee the photo’s overall quality.

As I’ve previously stated, there are numerous other factors that contribute to higher camera quality. Such as the quality of the camera lens, aperture, stabilizer built into the camera, HDR mode, camera control option, operating system, and a great deal more contribute to the final quality of an image.


Marketing strategy by Mobile companies

A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie
A 100 Megapixel Camera is nothing more than a lie

Oppo and Vivo established the practice many years ago. However, all of the other companies have now caught up to their level of decency. They will attempt to deceive you through the use of megapixel counting as part of their marketing strategy. And showing you higher pixels is the strategy they pitch their phone. 

These days, mobile phone manufacturers sell their products primarily by highlighting the capabilities of the device’s camera. And our customers who are acting innocently will be satisfied even if they just look at the camera.

The problem is that they will say that this phone’s camera has a resolution of 100 Megapixel Camera and will produce high-quality images. And if you use that mobile camera in that mobile store, which has decent lighting, it will produce very good images for you to take with it. However, once you get home and try that smartphone’s camera in low-light conditions, the camera will show the colors as they truly are.


Does a higher-megapixel camera really matter?

When megapixels don’t have much of an impact on a good camera, the size of the camera is what defines its quality, not the number of megapixels. These days, high-resolution cameras can be found in a reasonable number of smartphones, even those priced in the middle of the range. However, the popular 48-megapixel camera may be made useless in the near future by sensors with an even higher resolution.

A camera’s image quality is determined by a number of factors, not only its megapixel count, which is only one component. Cameras are comprised of a number of modules such as image sensors, their size, aperture range, lens, focus, flash type, and so on. These modules allow the camera to perform its various functions.

A camera is constructed out of all of these individual components. There are several other components that go into making up the camera in addition to megapixels. These are all essential components that contribute to the overall quality of the camera.


Don’t be fooled by a 100 Megapixel Camera

Although it’s a well-known truth that megapixels are significant, it’s crucial to keep in mind that having a 100 Megapixel Camera is not actually required. There are a variety of other things that hold equal significance. If those things are not up to the mark, then it does not matter how many more megapixels of a camera phone you are going to get; it will not be any better than an average camera.

First things first, you shouldn’t purchase a phone solely because it has a camera on it. There are a great number of other contributors to the overall improvement in phone quality.

Even if you want a phone with better picture quality, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just the number of pixels it has. You will still end up with a picture of good quality even though there are not many pixels because there are many other factors that are good.

Take the iPhone as an example; have you ever seen a customer wandering around looking at the megapixel count of the camera on an iPhone? Despite the fact that the iPhone lacks higher pixel counts, it is still capable of taking high-quality photos.

Don’t fall for the tricks played by these mobile phone companies; they’re only trying to take advantage of you. If you want a camera phone with a high level of image quality, you should always check their additional camera specifications before purchasing any phone. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by a 100 Megapixel Camera.

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