AC on Rent in India for just Rs 1500

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AC on Rent in India for just Rs 1500

AC on Rent in India for just Rs 1500

In the summer, a new air conditioner will cost you only 1500 rupees to deliver to your home.

Summer has started, with which the need for air conditioners has also increased. When the heat is high, it becomes difficult to live without an air conditioner. You get an AC for just Rs. 1500. I am not talking about buying it in installments. I am telling you about getting this on rent. Getting an AC on rent is quite common these days and can be very helpful in certain cases.

On the other hand, if you are not buying a new AC for fear of spending more, then we are telling you that you can buy an AC and enjoy it even if you spend less money. Yes, it is better to rent an AC instead of buying it to save money. Yes, one advantage of AC on Rent in India is that you do not have to pay for its maintenance. If you want to rent a window AC unit with a 1-tonne capacity, you must pay Cityfurnish Rs 1,069 per month.



Where do you get AC on rent in India?

There are so many online and offline options to get an AC on rent. Here are some options which will provide you with an AC on rent.

1. RentMojo:

If you rent a split air conditioner with a capacity of 1 ton, the fare starts at Rs. 1,399 per month.

2. Cityfurnish:

If you want to rent a 1-tonne capacity window AC house, then Cityfurnish charges you Rs 1,069 per month. It also includes a Rs 2,749 security deposit and a Rs 1,000 installation fee.

3. Fairrent:

Renting a 1.5-tonne window AC from Fairrent attracts a monthly fee of Rs 1,375. which includes installation charges as well as a stabilizer with the unit.

4. Rentaloco:

Users can choose between window AC and split AC on the platform. Users of the platform can choose between window AC and split AC. Its monthly fare is Rs 1,299 and Rs 1,599, respectively. Users will have to rent AC for a minimum period of 3 months with Rentaloco.

The Benefits of AC on Rent

1. Conserve funds

It costs a lot to install a new central AC system in a commercial building. There is a cost to install the coils, condenser, and air ducts, and then, on top of all that, you have to invest in the actual machine. Even if you are planning to buy a portable AC unit that costs less than a central AC system, you still need to make an upfront investment and consider the potential installation costs.

After considering the equipment and installation costs, it may not make financial sense to buy an AC unit for your location. Even so, you still need to find a way to cool the building. This is where renting a temporary AC unit comes in handy.

2. Increase your freedom

Not sure how long you’ll be in the building or unsure if you’ll keep the current layout the same? With all these undecided factors and much more, installing a permanent AC system can seem like a waste of money. Getting the same cool air without spending thousands of dollars is the key to making sound financial decisions. Plus, if a new unit hits the market, you have the flexibility to upgrade the system without spending more than a tonne of money.

3. Use it only when you need it

Summers in Florida can be hot and humid, necessitating more air conditioning. Spot coolers and temporary air conditioners are frequently used, but not always. If this is the case, AC on Rent could be a quick and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about putting your portable device away when not in use. If you do, hire a temporary air conditioner; if you don’t, don’t worry.

The Disadvantages of AC on Rent

Although renting an AC is a good idea, it may not be the best option for everyone. You should consider the following factors before renting an AC:

1.ACs of poor quality or with insufficient cooling

There is a possibility that you will end up with a poor AC unit. These are being used by so many people, and they may have used them roughly. It may not function properly in this situation. And maybe you have to spend a lot on repairs. If you get a very good-condition AC, it will be pure luck. It will just be a chance if you get a new AC bought by the distributor.

2. Electricity bill

You may get AC at a low cost but you still have to pay Electricity Bill. Undoubtedly, Air conditioners spend a lot of units which makes your electricity bill longer, which is surely not a good thing for your budget. When electricity bills are factored in, the total cost exceeds the cost of purchasing an air conditioner.

AC on Rent in India for just Rs 1500
AC on Rent in India for just Rs 1500

Under what circumstances should you rent an air conditioner?

1. If you have a limited budget

If you don’t have money at the moment, or you don’t want to spend all your money at the same time, and you only want this for the summer, you should rent an air conditioner instead of suffering through the heat.

2. If you frequently switch locations

If you are one of those people who has to move a lot because of work or any other reason, you will end up paying for the installation charges. which will cost more than the AC. You get AC on rent since the installation will be free and you don’t have to carry that heavy backpack around with you all the time.

What would Technical Dost suggest?

I would rather suggest that if you can afford a new AC, you should go with this. The new AC has much better quality since you are the first one using it. It is yours, so you will use it more. There will be fewer maintenance charges since it is new. And there will be a warranty too.

So if you have your own home and don’t move somewhere else frequently, you can go for a new AC. But if you are tight on funds or moving a lot, you can rent an AC. Now let’s enjoy summer with some ice cream.


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