Some unknown advantages of Android Lite apps

Some unknown advantages of Android Lite apps

From Facebook Lite to Instagram Lite. The list of lightweight versions of apps in Android is very long.

4 GB of RAM is very common in smartphones nowadays. Processors are also mounted in the same way. That is, except for a few selected heavy graphics games, all these smartphones work well. There is no lag, but still, app developers launch lite versions of their flagship Android apps. If you wonder where it is now, just two days ago, Microsoft launched the lite version of Outlook for Android.

The list is very long: Facebook Lite, Gmail Go, Maps Go, Instagram Lite, etc. Obviously, if these big companies launch such apps, then there will be a solid reason. They also explain the reason for this and how it will benefit you.

The size difference between the full version and the lite version of the app is quite an eye-opener. While the Facebook app is 70.19 MB, Facebook Lite is just 1.68 MB. The difference is even greater in Google Maps. If the regular app takes up 37MB of space, Maps Go is only 377KB. That is, always less. In such a situation, such apps are very useful for less storage.


1. Better performance in Android Lite apps

The question that will come to your mind is whether the developers must have compromised their performance. But not as you might think. This means there is a clump of sugar between the same sweet tea and the yellow tea. That is to say, the light version is not without sugar, but low-sugar tea.

2. Better UI in Android Lite apps

Slight UI changes, lighter graphics, and some feature changes. Lite version If you understand this with the example of a car outside the app, an entry-level car takes some time to go from zero to 100, i.e., it uses fewer of all resources. On the other hand, many top-end vehicles touch the 100 mark in three seconds, but everyone knows how much power and how many resources it takes.

3. Can save your daily internet in Android Lite apps

Even today, people with limited data are plentiful in the country. Those who use 1.5 to 2 GB of data per day. You have to spend the whole day in it. In such a situation, the light version does not allow the pocket to be light.

4. Better Net Speed in Android Lite apps

Another big advantage is the comfort of walking. They keep running even at slow internet speeds, whereas speed is the most important factor for regular apps. And if you are also dependent on your daily data lite version will be your life savior. 

5. Save storage in Android Lite apps

Another important thing is that even today, there are many smartphones with 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM in the country. In such a situation, the Lite version is a win-win for the country and the large population of the world. The Lite version of Outlook also supports mobiles with 1 GB.


Should you use Android Lite Apps?

This one is up to you. If you have enough RAM and a good processor, and if the data is unlimited, then what is the point of worry? But your phone is also of average specification, so there is no problem with trying out lite apps. If you are fond of playing another game and your phone is normal, then these apps are very useful. From RAM to storage, everything will be saved, which will help in giving a good gaming experience.

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