Amazon Prime suddenly raised their plans, Will subscribers be taxed?

Now, if you want to join Amazon Prime, you’ll have to pay more. After 16 months, the e-commerce company raised the price of being a Prime member again. Before, the company had said that it would raise the price of a Prime membership in December 2021. But it won’t change anything for people who already have subscriptions. The old subscription can be used. The company has raised the prices of its monthly and quarterly plans for now.

Amazon Prime suddenly raised their plans so now will subscribers be taxed? Technical Dost will explain further.


New Amazon Prime plans

Until today, users had to pay Rs 179 for Amazon’s one-month plan. But now 299 rupees will have to be paid for it. A straight hit of Rs 120 per month. Now, members will have to pay Rs 599 every three months. Before, the company used to charge Rs 459 for this plan. Here, too, the subscriber will have to pay Rs 140 extra. For your information, the price of a monthly subscription in December 2021 was Rs.120.


New Amazon Prime plans (Yearly)

Even though the price of Prime subscriptions is going up, there is also some good news. In the one-year plan, the company hasn’t made any changes. The price for a one-year subscription is still Rs.1499. The cost of the annual plan is about Rs 2,000 less than the cost of the current monthly plan. By the way, there is another plan for being a Prime member. Amazon Prime Lite, for which the subscriber will still have to pay only Rs 999.


New trick for old users

If you already pay for an annual membership to Amazon Prime, you can use the old price. All you have to do is set your subscription to automatically renew. This is for you to use until January 15, 2024. If you let your plan automatically renew by January 15, 2024, you will only have to pay Rs 1499 for the next year.


Benefits of Prime Membership

With a Prime membership, you can use almost all of Amazon’s services. From shopping apps to Prime Video and Prime Music to Prime Deals, there’s a lot to choose from. Not only that, but people who buy goods first in the sale also get services like one-day delivery.

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