8 apps that allow you to use your Android phone in a unique way

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8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way

8 apps that allow you to use your Android phone in a unique way

There are millions of apps in the Play Store, and some of them enable you to use your Android phone in a unique way you might not have imagined.

Because there are so many apps on Android to discover, it is simple to overlook some hidden gems. You usually use your smartphone for everyday activities like calling, messaging, social media browsing, taking photos, and so on. However, there are more unique ways to use your Android phone in a unique way with some apps.

So, let’s take a look at some apps that will help you use your Android phone in a unique way.

1. Listen to a bedtime story before you go to sleep.

Many of us have trouble falling asleep because our hectic lives contain an excessive number of potential sources of distraction. This disruption may have a negative impact on the sleep cycle, which in turn may have an effect on both mental and physical health.

Your Android phone in a unique way can help you fall asleep every night while you listen to bedtime stories for adults. When you’re feeling tired and want to get some shut-eye, you can use this app to play relaxing audio stories on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also check out these white-noise Android apps that can help you sleep better and use your Android phone in a unique way.

2. Use False Calls to Escape Difficult Scenarios

You spend a lot of time in tedious situations like meetings and endless conversations. There is an app called Fake Call that was made to help you in precisely that circumstance. Schedule a prank call in advance with this useful app. It can happen instantly or up to 30 minutes in the future at your convenience.

It’s possible to make it seem more genuine by setting a ringtone, vibration, and ring time. You can personalize the caller ID by giving it a name and phone number to show up on your screen. Depending on the type of device and its version of Android, the caller screen can have a variety of unique designs. In addition to the premade color schemes, wallpapers, and themes, you can make your own, complete with dual SIM support, a choice of day/night themes, and additional customization options.

3. Find the best Time to Use the Restroom During the Movie.

8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way
8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way

Watching a film but have to make a pit stop? It finds the most convenient time to use the restroom and provides a list of movies currently playing in theaters. It tells you how much of the best time you can afford to miss. The application sends a notification to remind you and provides summaries of what you may have missed.

Extra scenes from the movies are included in the end credits, spoiler-free reviews are provided, and information from the Internet Movie Database is included, among other things. You should also download these recommended apps if you’re a movie buff.

4. You can turn any website into a mini app.

Hermit is the solution if you need more space, less advertising, or longer battery life. It’s possible to make lightweight versions of your regular apps with the help of Hermit, a browser.

It’s common practice to convert popular websites into lightweight applications. They have better battery life because they use less memory and storage space than regular apps and don’t run in the background.

The settings, permissions, themes, and icons for each Lite app can be adjusted independently in their own windows. Check out the Hermit tutorial to learn how to turn any site into a Lite app.

All of Hermit’s features are available to you at no cost. While it does offer freemium options, a paid subscription unlocks additional premium functions. Among these are sandboxing, profile switching, backup/sync, and multiple user accounts.

5. Arrange Your Wardrobe and Choose Your Outfit

8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way
8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way

Assembling and arranging your wardrobe is a breeze with getting a Wardrobe. You can make a virtual closet by uploading pictures of your clothing to the app.

You can use filters and tags to organize your clothing collection. It allows you to search for things in your wardrobe and delivers tailored recommendations based on your body dimensions. The software not only helps you dress for the day’s forecast, but it also displays the financial amount that your clothes are worth.

All of Gate Wardrobe’s aforementioned services are offered at no extra cost. If you need more than just a few GB of storage space, sync capabilities, and the ability to edit multiple files at once, the premium version is worth the price.

6. Creatively utilize your Android device.

All people should put their own safety first. bSafe gives you access to a number of safeguards designed to keep you safe. It allows you to broadcast your current location to your nominees and inform them of your present whereabouts.

Thanks to the SOS function, the people you choose will immediately be notified of your emergency. Furthermore, it activates your phone’s audio and video recorder on a timer of its own. The free edition of bSafe only includes SOS notifications and location sharing, but these are still useful functions. A paid plan is needed for access to any additional functions.

7. Help Find a Cure for Cancer Without Doing Anything.

With DreamLab, you can use your Android device to help a worthy cause. Smartphones can be used to aid in the collection of vital health data for studies on cancer and coronaviruses.

You may help out by just plugging your phone into the charger and turning on Wi-Fi. Automatically, the app runs sophisticated computations in the cloud and returns the results to the scientists. You’re limited to just this. Do not worry about cost or effort with DreamLab. However, this information could aid scientists in preventing the needless loss of thousands of lives.

8. Solve complex math problems with a single tap.

8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way
8 apps to use Android phone in a unique way

PhotoMath is more than just a calculator; it can be used to answer a wide variety of mathematical issues. To solve any type of math issue, from algebra to linear equations to simple addition, all you have to do is scan the problem. Very helpful for pupils is the presentation of answers alongside worked-out examples.

As an added study aid, the app provides access to past exam questions and their corresponding solutions. Photomath is open-source and offers free basic functionality, with optional in-app purchases for premium services like video tutorials and textbook answers.

Use your Android phone in a unique way.

You can do all sorts of cool new things with your Android phone in a unique way with the apps we’ve recommended. These apps will help you get things done faster or live more comfortably by addressing issues you’ve been having.

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