Apple Air Tag Misuse and its Dangerous Consequences

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Apple Air Tag Misuse and its Dangerous Consequences

Apple Air Tag Misuse and its Dangerous Consequences

Apple comes up with a new device, the Air Tag. Apple Air Tag is a good device to track your things. The Air tag works on a secure Bluetooth signal, which can be detected by nearby devices in the find my network. Air tags are meant to help you keep track of your things.  


What is the purpose of the Apple Air Tag?

An air tag is a tracking device that works like a key finder and helps people find their belongings and personal objects. It’s simple to connect with iPhone or iPad, and Bluetooth is available for proximity finding. NFC tapping for lost mode. 


Apple Air Tag Misuse

Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. It depends on people’s intention to use any product in a positive or negative manner. Apple Air Tag is designed to keep track of your belongings and to help you.

Undoubtedly, now that people have started misusing the product. The company cannot discontinue the product because the idea behind making this product is good. designed to track your things. It also comes to light that the device is being used in crime. This great product is used in stalking. By putting tracking devices in your car, you can prevent car theft. Also, people use this device to track other people. Like wives, who silently put an Apple Air Tag in your bag or in your coat somewhere else to see where you are going. The same with husbands and in other human relations too. People spying on each other.


Apple Air Tag App for Android

When such things happen, everyone wishes to protect him or herself from this. Now the question arises: how to disable Apple Air Tag? How do I know I’m being tracked? There are many apps available to support you. 

Most people use Android phones. Here Technical Dost will guide you on how to detect the Apple Air Tag Device through a tracker application for Android.

After the installation of the app, it goes through the below-mentioned steps. They will be visible on your phone. 

  1. Detection of Trackers
  2. Scanning
  3. Results
  4. An Unidentified Apple Air Tag

The tracker detects item trackers that are not owned by their owner. If you think someone is using Apple Air Tag or any other device to spy on you or track your location, you can use this application by scan to find out. 


How to Track Apple Air Tag

After the installation of the tracking app, I put the Apple Air Tag in my pocket to show you the demo. 

  • Scanning:  I clicked on the scanning button to identify the Apple Air Tag. 
  • Apple Android Tracker apps work slowly, not very effectively, but are still helpful. 
  • Soon, scanning, I found the device near me. 
  • After scanning, “unknown Air Tag” will appear on your screen.  
  • Now click on the option, and more options will appear in front of you. Like, 

            1. Play sound 

            2. Learn about the item tracker. 

            3. Instructions to disable

Now you have to click on “play sound.” After that, your Air Tag device will begin to ring, and you will be able to reach the hidden device that has been placed to spy on you.

A new page will appear by clicking on the Disable option. Touch the tracking device on the back of your phone. Your device must be NFC to get more information. After touching the tracker on the back panel of the phone, it will direct you to the website. 

You will also see the tracker’s mobile number last digit with stars and the Apple Air Tag Serial Number. On the basis of the Air Tag Serial Number, you can register the complaint. 


Track Apple Air Tag on iPhone

  1. On the phone, you have to go in.
  1. Then tap the “Find My App” button. 
  1. Choose the Air Tag you want to locate, and then tap “Find.”
  1. Keep following the on-screen instructions and moving around until your phone connects to Air Tag.
  1. Your phone will soon give you the direction of where the device is, and if you tap on the sound button, the device will start ringing.
  1. Then it will reveal the identity of the person by their name who is spying on you.

lastly, You can easily disable Air Tag. Just rotate your finger on the shining part of the device and it will get open. Now you can remove the battery to disable the tag.

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