Bullshit Apple Destroying Repair Shops

Bullshit Apple Destroying Repair Shops

There is a limit to being a jerk but iPhone is certainly crossing that with full gears. Apple company wants you to go and fill their pockets in their service centers even if you have a minor issue with any of their products. Read more about Bullshit Apple Destroying Repair Shops.

I fix it and tore down the process of Changing a cracked screen. Changing a cracked screen is not really a big deal. A little skill is enough for someone to learn how to do that. it’s sure not easy for a common man but those who did a course or gave time to learn it sure can do that.

Apple is not okay with this self-healing. If anyone tries to fix their phone themselves, they will have their phones locked because of a microchipped that is installed inside the phone which can only be controlled by apple’s authorized software. Your face ID will no longer recognize you and it will be disabled. Only because you tried to change the screen yourself.

How will it get fixed, only in the service center? Where they will press a few buttons to undo that magic charm done by the microchip. Then your face ID will work.

The need for that microchip was certainly not for users. It’s like when in Indian weddings how that one uncle who always hides the whole donations and the diary of the details of those donations so that no one can go without going to meet him.

They’d rather come to our houses and steal our money because this certainly feels the same. You can change the screen but can’t use your phone after that. What purpose does anything serve then? Not everybody loves to drive 3 kilometers and go to the service center so that they can play buttons with their phones. Some people can change screens at home apple. Apple Destroying Repair Shops, Deal with it. 

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