Apple polishing cloth for 2000 rupees

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Apple is now selling a cleaning cloth worth 2000 rupees.

It is not a joke. So that you can clean the display of your apple device otherwise it may get scratched. We paid almost 1.5 lakhs for that phone, there should be no question of getting scratches anyway. This Apple polishing cloth is called non-abbreviate something material. They are saying, If you have iPhone or iMac or any other Apple product then you should buy this cloth to clean your phone because this has Nano textured polishing.

It may get scratched if you don’t pay 2000 rupees, might as well just throw our money at your door apple.

If you have such a delicate screen and require extra care then don’t you feel this Apple polishing cloth should come with the phone itself already?

We paid bloody 1.5 lakhs and you are actually charging us more for Apple polishing cloth. We clean our phones by spitting on them and you are not giving a 3.5 mm jack and are also asking us to buy air-pods too. You are not even giving us the chargers what do you suppose we do with our phones, just hang them around in our necks and hail Lord Voldemort or something? The charger is necessary for the phone to function and we buy that separately too. Now you want us to pay for stupid pieces of Apple polishing cloth too. Just come and pick up our money and leave the apple.

Buy something meaningful instead of Apple polishing cloth

Those who have iPhones and iMacs don’t need this. We can get this on every street corner for under 100 bucks. For 2000 rupees we can buy 6 shirts, 20 pairs of underwear, and a burger.

There are still a lot of people who are defending this nonsense. I must warn you, If apple is not scared of the law then a day will come when you will not even have your Apple polishing cloth on and you’ll hang around naked with just an iPhone. Yeah, you can use that cleaning cloth though. So stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your phones clean.

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