These 7 Android apps stealing your password secretly

These 7 Android apps stealing your password secretly

In the fast-paced world of technology that is drowning more and more of us, especially through smartphones, it is quite common for users to forget the fact that they need to be alert while using the internet. Isn’t it? Social media platforms like Facebook have given cybercriminals ample opportunities to steal the personal details and other sensitive information of registered users, which number in the billions by Technical Dost.

Using Android apps is one way to do this, and a report from Trend Micro details a number of apps that carry spyware called “Facestealer” on Android devices that steal sensitive user data. That’s odd. Here we are talking about 7 such dangerous Android apps stealing your password secretly.

These 7 Android apps stealing your password secretly

These apps stealing your password

1. Daily Fitness OL

Daily Fitness is a fitness app. that, of course, does not give fitness but steals your data. The Play Store has banned this app from the Play Store because these apps stealing your password. 

 2. Enjoy Photo Editor

You may frame important moments for free with Enjoy Photo Editor & Collage Images. It has over 100,000 app downloads on Google Play. Most individuals use picture editing programs to edit photos, but this is not acceptable. This type of app might be harmful to you and your smartphone. In reality, such apps can steal personal information, banking information, and other information from your smartphone.

This app is not present in the play store.

3. Panorama Camera

The 360 Panorama Camera app helps you capture panorama images easily.

A Panoramic Camera can turn your mobile phone into a panoramic camera. Take full-length, full-view photos quickly and with full HD clarity.

  4. Photo Gaming Puzzle

Choose any archived photo or take one and turn it into a slide puzzle. There are 4 grid sizes to play on (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6).

If you like puzzles, you will love this game. You can create any puzzle you like or use the camera to instantly create a new one.

This app is not available on the play store.

  5. Swarm Photo

Flock Photo is an all-in-one handy photo editing app that provides everything you want to enhance photos.  It enables you to remove backgrounds, create photo collages, create stickers, and add stylish effects, filters and presets in one tap. And these 7 Android apps stealing your password secretly.

This application is also not available on the Play Store.

  6. Business Meta Manager

Grow your business and connect with more people with the Meta Business Suite.

what does this application do?
  • Create, schedule, and manage posts and stories for your Facebook Page and Instagram.
  • Connect with more customers by replying to all your messages and comments in one place—you can even automate responses to save time.
  • See insights about how people are interacting with your posts, stories, and ads so you can create content that resonates with them.
  • View your notifications and to-do list so you can stay on top of what’s most important.

This app is not secure, so you won’t find it on the App Store.

 7. Cryptomining Farm Your own Coin

Stop wasting time and begin using the BTC Cryptomining Voc-BTC Cloud Mining App.

Passive earning is the dream of every person. There are many ways to do that. Mining is an excellent technique to get passive money. Multimine enables cryptocurrency mining on your mobile device.

There is no App Store for this app.

These 7 Android apps stealing your password secretly

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