Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device

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Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device

Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device

Few things are more convenient than downloading apps to your phone. Whatever your requirements are, there is almost certainly an app for them on the Google Play Store. However, this feature can also cause your phone to slow down and lag.

Your phone has amassed a plethora of apps over the years, some of which you use on a daily basis, while many others collect dust in your app drawer. Let’s look at eight different types of apps that you should remove from your phone.  Technical Dost will notify you that these apps should be removed from your device.

1. Pre-installed Bloatware Apps

Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device
Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device

Bloatware is something that all Android users despise unequivocally. While some pre-installed apps may be useful, you should delete those that you do not use. It’s worth noting that different Android skins have varying degrees of bloatware; some are minimal, like OxygenOS and Pixel UI, while others, like One UI and MIUI, are hefty.

Also, keep in mind that some pre-installed Android apps cannot be deleted because they are an essential component of the Android skin. You may, however, disable unwanted programs to keep them from operating in the background.

2. The inclusion of out-of-date utility applications

Since its inception in 2008, Android has come a long way. Because these features were not built-in into your smartphone at the time, you had to download separate utility apps such as flashlights, QR scanners, screen recorders, media players, and screen dimmers.

Fortunately, things have improved significantly. You may still need to download some utility apps from time to time, especially if you are using stock Android, but this issue is mostly gone. So, if you still have utility apps on your phone that are no longer useful, Apps You Should Uninstall them.

3. Obsolete Productivity Apps

Similar to utility apps, you may have multiple older productivity apps on your phone that you can delete, such as Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Calendar, and others.

Google produces such excellent productivity apps that you really don’t need to look elsewhere. And because most of these apps are now pre-installed on all Android phones, there’s no incentive to keep those outdated apps from other third-party developers.

4. Apps that Improve Performance

Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device
Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Device

We’ve already gone over why performance booster applications for Android are problematic. If you don’t have time to read it all, here’s the gist of it: RAM Cleaner, Battery Saver, and Game Optimizer apps impair your device’s usability and cause more harm than good.

Battery-saver apps are obsolete because most Android phones now include a built-in battery-saving mode that performs considerably better than any third-party solution. A similar example is the game optimizer. Please do yourself a favor and delete these programs right away.

5. Apps that repeatedly perform the same function

It’s not uncommon for folks to have multiple apps on their phone that do the same function. Browsers, note-taking apps, backup apps, chat apps, and so on are examples. In some circumstances, two programs of the same type offer significantly distinct functionality, so having both makes sense.

However, if one of these apps is plainly superior, you should delete the less beneficial program. If you have a Galaxy device, for example, you will have to pick between Samsung Internet and Google Chrome as your mobile browser. Apps You Should Uninstall that are no longer needed.

6. ‘Highly Amusing’ Social Media Apps

We don’t want to sound like your grandmother, but social media is consuming a large portion of your time. People in the United States spend an average of more than two hours each day on social media, hopping between multiple apps—a figure that is growing by the year.

Spending too much time on social media is unhealthy and might lead to social media addiction unless it is required by your employer. Apps You Should Uninstall that are using the majority of your time. If that doesn’t work, consider using an app timer to cut down on screen time and become more self-disciplined.

7. Games that are no longer played

Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies were all popular at the time and remain so today. However, if you are no longer playing them, there is no point in keeping them on your device and wasting storage space.

Although mobile games have historically been underwhelming, there is reason to be optimistic.

Modern smartphones are much faster and more powerful, and with 5G, VR, and AR on the horizon, it’s clear why mobile gaming is the future.

8. Apps you no longer use

It’s all too easy to leave apps on your phone until you no longer use them or find them useful. Apart from the apps we’ve already discussed, you may have a variety of other Apps You Should Uninstall. The following are examples:

Dating apps:

They aren’t for everyone, and if you don’t find any good matches, it’s best to delete them and try more traditional methods of meeting new people.

Meditation apps:

Some meditation apps are better than others, but if none of them are helping you become more relaxed and focused, you should consider enrolling in an offline in-person class instead.

Fitness apps:

For some people, fitness apps are insufficient because they require a more engaging environment to exercise. Joining a gym can help if you are one of them. I hope Technical Dost was of assistance to you.

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