Beware of Cyber Scammers: New Tactics and Targeting Celebrities

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Beware of Cyber Scammers: New Tactics and Targeting Celebrities

Beware of Cyber Scammers: New Tactics and Targeting Celebrities

Cybercriminals’ techniques for deceiving unsuspecting victims are constantly evolving, and their latest scam involves setting up fake customer service centers. These astute individuals have even gone so far as to impersonate police officers and converse fluently in English. What’s remarkable is that this time, instead of starting with an ordinary person, they chose a celebrity. Let’s look into this new police scam with Technical Dost and find out more about it.

Celebrities Speak Out: Sucharita Tyagi’s Experience

Sucharita Tyagi, a well-known film critic, recently shared on Twitter her experience with an attempted scam. She received a call from an unknown number, and when she answered, a voice that sounded like an automated customer service system identified itself as Delhi Police.

Scammer’s Approach

The voice claimed that some of her documents had been delivered and asked her to dial a number for more information. Sucharita Tyagi was connected to a man who identified himself as Rahul Singh, a sub-inspector from the Kirti Nagar Police Station after she complied.

Suspicion Arises: The Scammer’s Questions

Despite the fact that the call appeared to be from the police, Sucharita was questioned as to why she had contacted the Delhi Police. Then she was asked basic questions like her name and address. However, the true intention soon became clear.

The Trap: Gathering Personal Data

The alleged cop inquired whether her Aadhaar card, PAN card, or ATM card had recently been stolen. Sucharita recognized the scam and stated that all of her documents were complete. However, the caller persisted, claiming that a man named Vipul Singh had been apprehended and that among the items recovered were ATM cards, one of which belonged to Sucharita.

Escaping the Scam: Disconnecting and Raising Awareness

The caller then asked for the card’s last four digits. Sucharita’s patience had run out at this point, and she hung up the phone, deciding to contact the Kirti Nagar police station directly. The outcome could have been different if Sucharita had fallen into the scammers’ trap.

The scammers use a novel technique in which they converse with you in proper English. Their approach, according to Sucharita, could easily fool anyone. One notable difference was the use of a 9-digit mobile number rather than the standard 10-digit number. Many people shared similar experiences in response to Sucharita’s tweet. A new fraud trend appears to have emerged, and it is critical to remain vigilant.

The world of cybercrime is constantly changing, and everyone, including celebrities, must stay informed and cautious. Scammers’ tactics are becoming more sophisticated, with official-sounding voices and fluent English being used to gain victims’ trust. Never give out personal or financial information over the phone, especially if the caller claims to be from a customer service center or a law enforcement agency. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, report it to the authorities and spread the word to keep others safe from these cyber thugs. Stay vigilant and safe!

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