Beware smartphone hoppers! This trash tower reaches space

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Beware smartphone hoppers! This trash tower reaches space

Beware smartphone hoppers! This trash tower reaches space

Are you also one of those people who start crying as soon as a new mobile phone arrives on the market, saying, “I must have this phone!”? Or are you one of the few people who still use an old Nokia, or are you still tucked with the iPhone 5?

After getting smartphones in our lives, Changing smartphones is quite common. And becoming a smartphone hopper is also quite common. Any Beware smartphone hopper can manage to find two to three old phones in your house. Do you find it hard to believe that homes all over the world have become the final resting places for obsolete mobile phones? There is a natural curiosity that will arise in your mind regarding the reason for discussing it.

At this very moment, in reality, there are two motivations for doing so.  We reasoned that if we dug a little bit further, we would discover that there are not lakhs but rather more than five billion worthless smartphones currently in circulation on this planet. This led us to our conclusion.

The second justification for today’s action is that it is the International Day to Organize for the Responsible Disposal of Electronic Waste. Because of this, it is very important to Beware so that this trash tower reaches space. To have an accurate understanding of the total number of cases that we have dealt with.

Beware smartphone hoppers! This trash tower reaches space
Beware smartphone hoppers! This trash tower reaches space

Take a look at this number: there are currently 16 billion or 1600 crore mobile phones in use throughout the entire world. In the year 2022, 5.3 billion mobile phones, also known as 5300 million mobile phones, will be added to the pile of electronic waste. That is, people will stop making use of them, and they will continue to sit unused in the front doors of people’s homes until they are claimed.

Because there are so many of these phones, a tower composed of them would need to be at least 50,000 kilometers high in order to reach space even if they were somehow stacked on top of each other. To a height that can be exceeded even 150 kilometers, or 125 kilometers, beyond the space station that is currently revolving around the Earth in space. This distance is equal to one-eighth of the total distance that separates the Earth and the Moon.

Who exactly said that we should let our imaginations run wild? An organization that is working on the management of e-waste is called WEEE, which is an acronym that stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment. This frightening picture was brought to light in a report that WEEE published. There’s a possibility that the thought has crossed any smartphone hopper’s mind: what if the mobile device is just sitting there doing nothing?

It just so happens that the total population of the world is approximately eight billion, which is approximately eight hundred crores, and we have slammed a little fewer smartphones on West Earth than that. Consider the implications of this. The rest of the body will also experience headaches. The shudder should also run due to the presence of potentially harmful metals and chemical substances within these mobile phones. These metals and substances pose a threat to the health of all living things on our planet.

No matter where in the world you are located, you and I are both contributors and equal partners in the production of waste electronic equipment. According to the findings of the study, each family home in Europe possesses an average of 74 electronic products, of which only about 13 are currently being put to productive use. The astonishing thing is that nine of these do not even go bad entirely but are still thrown away.

After you and any smartphone hopper have finished reading the news, you should do some mental math to figure out how many mobile phones you’ve purchased over the course of your life and how much of a contribution you’ve made to the mountain of electronic waste that’s now reached the edge of space. Becoming a smartphone hopper is causing a lot to earth.


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