Why is the BGMI banned in India again?

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Why is the BGMI banned in India again?

  • BGMI Restrictions: Although Battlegrounds Mobile India is still functional, it can only be played on devices that have been installed with the game.
  • BGMI Restrictions in India: You can no longer download APK files for Android devices from the official BGMI website.

Concerns had been made, according to the official, about Crafton sharing personal data of Indian users with foreign nations, mainly China, as well as its ownership patterns, as China’s Tencent-controlled firm was one of Crafton’s largest shareholders.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Korean game developer and distributor Krafton‘s rebranded version of PUBG Mobile, was ordered by the Center to remove it from both Google and Apple app stores, as the app was sharing data with servers in China. This information comes from a high-ranking government official.

Removed from Apple and Google app stores

On January 28, Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, abruptly vanished from both the Apple and Google Play stores. While neither the game nor its publisher Crafton has issued an official comment, Google has revealed that the removal was the result of an official order.

Battlegrounds Mobile India works only on installed devices.

The game, however, is still playable. If you already have BGMI on your phone or tablet, it will continue to function normally.

However, there is no official way to reinstall the game if you uninstall it. The APK link for the game on the official BGMI website has also been withdrawn for the other phones. While third-party websites may have the APK file, this approach is not recommended because third-party sites can tamper with APK files and potentially include malware.

In the interim, you can still use programs like APK Extractor to extract the BGMI APK file from the device where the game is installed. This file can then be distributed to other devices.

Is BGMI banned permanently?
Is BGMI banned permanently?

Is BGMI banned permanently?

It is currently unclear whether BGMI, like PUBG Mobile, has been entirely banned in India. Gamers and creators such as Abhijit Andhare, popularly known as Ghatak Gaming, have tweeted about the game’s removal, implying that it is not a permanent ban. So BGMI banned in India is temporary. 

BTW, this is not a permanent fixture.

and hope for good.

July 28, 2022—Abhijit Andhare

According to a report in TalkEsport, Crafton executives are set to meet with MeitY representatives later today to discuss the issue further. We should have an official update on the state of the game in India soon.

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