Can Your Smartphone Be Hacked With Bluetooth?

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Can Your Smartphone Be Hacked With Bluetooth?

Can Your Smartphone Be Hacked With Bluetooth?

Kamala Harris. She is the Vice President of America and also of Indian origin, but these days she is in news for a very strange thing. It is common for Kamala Harris to be in the news, but the fact that she is in the news right now is shocking for America, the country at the forefront of technology. If it is the era of social media, then you must have got the news that Kamala Harris does not use Bluetooth headsets or earbuds on her mobile.

Claims are now being made about this that perhaps Kamala Harris is afraid of her mobile being Hacked with Bluetooth. That’s why they have kept their distance from wireless devices. Kamala Harris can be seen using wired earphones with her mobile in most of the photos. Why does Kamala Harris do this? This is his personal issue, but one thing that has arisen due to his doing this is whether his mobile can be hacked with Bluetooth. If it can be done then how? And if not, is Bluetooth technology really foolproof?

Bluetooth technology is used to wirelessly connect one device to another within a certain distance. Then the file is shared through this technique. This distance can be from 30 feet to 120 feet. With Bluetooth, you will fall into headphones, earbuds, speakers, smartphones, or many other electronic devices.

Now it has become the easiest way of communication. One more thing. There are two types of connections. One that connects by entering a password and the other directly. You will connect one mobile to another or you will have to enter a password from your car’s Bluetooth.

Speakers and headphones are usually connected directly. Bluetooth sends and receives signals on 79 different frequencies (channels) that are centered around 2.45 GHz. These frequencies are slightly different from radio, TV, mobile, and medical gadgets. By making communications in different frequencies or channels, the possibility of conflict with each other is almost eliminated. Unlike Wi-Fi and other methods of connectivity, Bluetooth works over short distances and it is very important to keep this in mind.

Is Bluetooth Secure Or Not?

If we compare any wireless technology compared to wire, then definitely wired technology is more secure. Hacked with Bluetooth, also known as Bluebugging, Bluejacking, or Bluesnarfing. Not many such cases have been reported. But it would not be correct to say that this has never happened. Bluebugging means getting connected to your device without your knowledge.

Bluejacking means connecting with another device by sending a tempting message. Bluesnarfing means downloading information from someone’s device. In these three ways, usually hackers carry out any such incident. One such blue bugging incident took place in Bournemouth, a seaside town in England. Locals claimed that while passing through the city, they were receiving automated messages and files from unknown senders.

Then when the matter was investigated, it was found that the files coming from an unknown source were malware whose purpose was to access the receiver’s phone and steal the data. The question must be arising in your mind what happens with such Hacked with Bluetooth? Know one thing, no matter how hacking is and in any way, its purpose is to steal your personal information. To capture your device in a way or to keep an eye on you in real-time.

What is Bluetooth technology?

How does it got Hacked with Bluetooth? Got to know this but the question is still the same whether it is possible to do this. Before answering this question, let us tell you a story related to chess. This story will help in finding the answer to our question. The game of chess is played between two humans, but in 1985, IBM created a supercomputer named Deep Blue that could play chess.

After about 11 years of initial research, in 1996, the company launched it in the market and claimed that the supercomputer built by them could think 200 million moves of chess in just one second. 200 million moves in one second. Obviously, it was impossible to lose it to any human being.

Well, the match happened with the then-world champion and Grandmaster Garry Kasparov. What happened then surprised everyone. Kasparov defeated 4-2 a supercomputer named Deep Blue, which thought 200 million moves in a second. Now you must have understood.

Can Your Smartphone Be Hacked With Bluetooth?
Can Your Smartphone Be Hacked With Bluetooth?

Technology has its limits

Deep Blue had the power to think 200 million moves in a second, but what after that? It is a machine, it will do as much as you tell. And the human mind is beyond all this. Garry Kasparov’s mind thought of a move that the supercomputer could not think of and lost. The answer to our question lies in this story.

The technology works within its limits and there is no limit for humans. When a person finds a loophole in any technology, then for that he should enter inside that technology. It is possible to misuse it. The same happens in the case of hacking. Companies make new anti-viruses every day, but the same number of viruses are also produced every day.

After all, it is also a technology that can be Hacked with Bluetooth. This does not mean that anyone will hack your mobile from anywhere. Those who do this are experts in this type of work and we also provide them the opportunity to do so. Bluetooth hacking usually happens in public places, crowded areas, and busy markets. But never forget one thing. This technique works only at a distance, so hackers will have to come close to you so that they can connect to your device.

How can you avoid this?

Use of a little caution and complete technique. There are two ways to escape. First device level and second service level. Device level means limiting the Bluetooth connectivity of the mobile to your connected products. There is a setting in your mobile, after which the Bluetooth of the mobile will no longer be open source and your approval will be required to connect to it. Service level means not giving any Bluetooth device the option to control other devices. If not needed, at least keep your mobile’s Bluetooth off in public places. Bluetooth hacking is not very common yet, but it is better to be careful

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