8 points to consider while you are cleaning TV screen

8 points to consider while you are cleaning TV screen

Many people wipe off their TVs the same way they would any other household item. However, keep in mind that employing the incorrect techniques might permanently damage your television set. Sometimes, doing this can also void the warranty on your TV. Everyone appreciates a clean television screen, but there is a proper method to achieve it. When it comes to cleaning TV screen, there are a few things you should never do.

1. Never use towels and tissues to clean the TV

Many individuals clean their televisions like they would any other equipment in their homes. However, it is critical to understand that employing the incorrect procedures might permanently damage your TV screen. This might occasionally void your television’s warranty. Everyone wants a clean television screen free of dust, debris, and smudges, but it’s crucial to do it correctly. There are a few things you should avoid while cleaning the TV screen.

2. It is important to avoid excessive rubbing of the TV screen.

It’s possible to cause damage to your TV if you use the wrong tools or follow the wrong steps. Use lint-free towels or microfiber wipes to clean the screen on your device. Before you start cleaning your appliance, spray some of the liquid on a cloth.

3. Don’t ever spray the TV screen with the solution.

Under no circumstances should you apply a cleaning solution straight to the screen of your television. Always begin with a cloth that is lint-free or one made of microfiber, and then wipe gently. If you spray the liquid directly onto the screen, it may leave streaks or stains that are difficult to remove.

4. Do not spray any kind of liquid on the TV

Keep drinks at a safe distance from you. When cleaning TV screen, avoid using any form of cleaning solvent. Cleaning solutions might harm the inside of your television. If you wish to use the liquid to clean your appliance, first spray it on a towel. Extra liquid might also leave a residue on the television. Ammonia, alcohol, and acetone-containing compounds should not be used since they can harm the anti-glare coating.

5. Never turn on the TV when clearing.

Make sure your television is turned off before you start cleaning TV screen to prevent any potential electrical accidents. When the screen is dark, it is very simple to locate and get rid of the stripes. When viewed on darker displays, dust is easier to spot.

6. Don’t ever try to clean your TV screen from every angle.

When cleaning TV screen, start by wiping it in one direction (vertical or horizontal), then switch to the opposing way. This helps to guarantee that there is no empty space on the screen. It also aids in preventing streaks from entering during cleaning TV screen.

7. Using a few wet wipes instead of changing clothing

After a few wipes, be sure to replace the cleaning cloth while cleaning TV screen. Because the cleaning cloth gathers up dust, it should be replaced after a few wipes. When the cloth takes up dust, wiping it might produce scratches on the screen. You may remove additional dust from the screen by changing the cloth without leaving rough patches.

8. Keep the screen from drying out.

After cleaning TV screen, allow it to dry fully before plugging it back in. Wet areas on the screen might cause a glare that is plainly noticeable.

8 points to consider while you are cleaning TV screen
8 points to consider while you are cleaning TV screen

Using the wrong tools or techniques might permanently damage your TV screen. Wiping with lint-free cloths or microfiber wipes is the best way to get a clean screen. If you wish to use the liquid to clean your appliance, first spray it on a towel.

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