YouTube Exciting Experiment: Create Shorts from Video Comments!

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YouTube Exciting Experiment: Create Shorts from Video Comments!

Create Shorts from Video Comments!

YouTube,  is constantly in search of ways to do something more creative. In its most recent update, YouTube updates a cool new feature that lets mobile users make Shorts out of comments they leave on videos they watch. The platform is also testing a number of other cool features, such as a 2x playback speed option, larger previews for seeking, a lock screen feature, and a three-strikes policy for people who use ad blockers. We should investigate and find out more about these changes. Here you can Create Shorts from Video Comments!


1. Shorts from Viewer Comments

One of the most interesting things YouTube is testing is a way for Viewer-created Shorts out of comments they leave on videos they watch. Creators can already reply to comments on their own content using Shorts, but this new experiment gives viewers a chance to turn those funny and clever comments into short videos. These shorts made by viewers will show up in the Shorts feed and on the viewer’s channel page, giving the platform a bit more creativity and interactivity.

The best part is that creators won’t be notified when comments from their videos are used in these Viewer-created Shorts. This keeps the feature fun and lighthearted. But if a video creator doesn’t want their comments to be shown, they can turn off comments on their videos. Users will have more options for spreading their own content with this functionality, which is currently only available to a select group of Android and iOS users throughout the world.


2. Lightning Fast Playback: 2x Speed Option

YouTube knows that its users have busy lives and sometimes want to watch videos quickly without missing important parts. The platform is testing a 2x playback speed option to meet this need. By holding down any part of the video player for a long time, users can automatically double the speed of playback. This feature will help people who don’t have much time or who want to watch a lot of their favourite shows quickly.


3. Bigger Previews for Seamless Seeking

Have you ever had to keep scrolling through a video to find a certain part? YouTube has heard you and is testing a feature that shows bigger previews while you’re seeking. With this update, users can get a clearer and more detailed preview of the video content when seeking. This helps their ability to quickly locate the specific segment they wish to view. This option is great for those who are pressed for time yet still want to catch up on their favourite shows.


4. Lock Screen Feature: No More Accidental Taps!

We’ve all been there: watching a video and accidentally pausing or skipping it by touching the screen. YouTube is trying out a lock screen feature to make up for this. When turned on, users can watch videos without having to worry about accidental touches ruining their experience. Those who enjoy watching YouTube videos while multitasking may appreciate this new addition.


5. Three-Strikes Policy for Ad-Blocker Users

YouTube update has always been dedicated to helping creators by giving them money from ads. To make sure this happens, the platform is trying out a three-strikes rule for people who use ad blockers. The policy makes it clear that blocking ads is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. If a user has three strikes against them for using an ad blocker, their account may be limited in some way. This change shows how important it is to support creators by watching ads.

Google Discontinuing YouTube Shorts on June 26
Create Shorts from Video Comments Create Shorts from Video Comments

        Every day, new YouTube updates that keep its users happy and surprised. Turning user comments into Shorts, testing faster playback options, and making it easier to find previews. Also, the three-strikes policy and the addition of a lock screen show that the platform is serious about helping content creators.

Users may anticipate even more exciting updates in the future since these features are currently being evaluated. Due to its openness to experimentation and consideration of user feedback, YouTube remains superior to other video hosting sites. So, the next time you’re on YouTube, be on the lookout for these entertaining and helpful updates. They might make watching videos on YouTube even more fun!

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