Data recovery after factory reset

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Data recovery after factory reset

Data recovery after factory reset

We feel bored and want to change our phones. Most of the time, we sell out our old phones. A factory reset is a must before selling the old phone. A factory reset is a simple process. You can do it on your own. Many times, mobile phone sellers do factory resets on your behalf. After a factory reset, we know there is nothing personal on that phone and it is ready to sell. To assume everything was deleted after a factory reset is a big mistake. 

There is always a chance, through some strong software, maybe someone will download your data even after a factory reset. On the other hand, now you are thinking about what to do. Follow the simple instruction to avoid Data recovery after factory reset by Technical Dost. 

1. Factory Reset

Before you factory reset your phone, save all your data. Once the factory reset is complete, thoroughly inspect the phone’s storage and other locations to see if anything is still present or if everything has been deleted.

2. Data can be Recovered

Some powerful software can recover all of your deleted data. There are many ways to recover your data, and many techniques and steps to recover data already on Google. You need to check the version of your phone before or after the reset. 

3 Encryption and Version of the Phone

Most importantly, you need to check the version of your phone. If the version is below 5.0, then encrypt it. If you have a version above 5.0, it means your Android is already encrypted. 

4. Re-configure your Phone

When the factory reset is finished, your phone is now new. Then you need to set up your phone again. To complete the setup of your phone, like choosing a language, country, etc. But keep in mind that you should not use that to access any of your Google or other accounts.

5. Overwrite on your Phone’s Memory

After a reset, we re-set up our phones without logging into any Google or other I’d. Now the next task is to do any video recording at the highest resolution available on your phone. Try to consume the maximum memory of your phone by making a high-resolution video. 

You are safe from Data recovery after factory reset now

High-resolution videos made by you consume the entire phone’s memory. By doing this, you overwrite your old videos or photos. This new over-right video gets mixed with your hidden data. which was apparently not visible to you. Finally, delete this new video. After the deletion of this video, no one can recover any data of yours. 

In today’s important article, I told you how to completely delete your data. Follow these simple instructions to avoid Data recovery after factory reset by anyone.

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