What exactly Dhoni’s Made in India drone is?

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Learn everything about Dhoni's Made in India drone

What exactly Dhoni’s Made in India drone is?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who captained the Indian cricket team in the past. Dhoni has introduced a camera drone that was manufactured in India (MS Dhoni’s Made in India Drone). The drone’s name is Droni, and it is a quadcopter consumer camera (quadcopter surveillance drone) drone. Its primary function is aerial surveillance.

This year’s Global Drone Expo in Chennai has been presented to the public for the first time. Garuda Aerospace is solely responsible for the production of this drone. Which has been entirely executed within the borders of India.


What exactly Dhoni's Made in India drone is?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni said during the drone launch:

I was quarantined during the time of Covid-19. Agriculture has always piqued my interest. And discovered that drones are also extremely useful for farmers.

Dhoni’s Made in India drone ‘Droni’ Purpose

Dhoni’s Made in India drone ‘Droni’ is a remote-controlled aerial vehicle powered by a rechargeable battery. It was developed specifically with the purpose of keeping an eye on things. The new surveillance drone was developed entirely by local engineers and can be put to a variety of different kinds of patrolling duties.

At the expo, the company presented not only the drone but also the Kisan Drone as well. It is going to be put to use in the process of spraying insecticides. The manufacturer of this battery-powered drone makes the claim that it can apply pesticides to an area of land that is thirty acres in size in a single day.

What exactly Dhoni's Made in India drone is?

Dhoni’s Made in India drone ‘Droni’ Price and Availablity

At this time, the company has not provided any information about the product’s price or characteristics it has. In addition to his role as an investor in Garuda Aerospace, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also serves as the company’s brand ambassador. During the month of June of this year, he made an investment in the business. 2015 marked the beginning of operations for Garuda Aerospace. This company has become an industry leader in the production of drones at competitive prices.

Reports indicate that this type of drone may be available for purchase on the market by the time the current year comes to a close. Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the founder of the company and the current CEO, stated that consumers will be able to purchase Dhoni’s Made in India drone ‘Droni’ from retailers before the end of the current year. 

During the same event, Anand Kumar Das, the current President of the Indian Drone Association and a former Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force, stated that this platform will play an important role in helping the drone industry to develop and grow.

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