Open AI’s Chatbot Will Be Integrated With Discord’s Clyde Bot

Open AI’s Chatbot Will Be Integrated With Discord’s Clyde Bot

It is the latest step in the development of generative AI tools by tech companies, and the messaging app Discord has announced that it will release new artificial intelligence features in the near future. These functions can be used to summarize lengthy chats or to decorate a user’s avatar.

Discord has been at the forefront of artificial intelligence since its inception (AI). More than 30 million monthly users of third-party AI applications are currently hosted on the platform. Discord has approximately 3 million servers that incorporate some form of artificial intelligence (AI) into the community. Midjourney, a text-to-image AI project with 13 million users, has the most users on its server.

Three publicly available and free studies are called Clyde, AutoMod AI, and Conversation Summaries.

1. Discord’s Clyde Bot

Clyde will be brought to life the week after next using OpenAI technology, and he will be available natively within Discord at that time. Clyde can now be contacted in any channel by entering his handle, @Clyde, into the chat box. Clyde possesses the following extraordinary abilities:

  • Respond to people’s questions and hold in-depth discussions.
  • Make a plan for a group of your friends to get together and hang out.
  • Please recommend some playlists.
  • You will have access to the same emoticons and GIFs as any other Discord user.

Clyde is an AI-powered friend who can help you hang out on Discord. Clyde values your privacy and only provides assistance on an opt-in basis. Clyde, which is powered by OpenAI technology, can only use and keep information in accordance with the OpenAI Privacy Policy, and it does not record, store, or use any audio or video call data generated by users. Clyde will most likely become an essential component of the Discord experience in the near future because Discord is dedicated to testing and iteration.


2. AutoMod AI

Discord’s AutoMod AI is raising the bar for moderating to a whole new level. Since its debut a year ago, it has successfully blocked over 45 million communications. It now employs OpenAI-developed technology to identify rule-breaking discussions while keeping the context in mind. The trial on a subset of servers officially begins today.


3. Conversation Summaries

Discord’s new artificial intelligence-generated Conversation Summaries will make it easier for you to quickly catch up or join in. This feature will be available on a limited number of servers starting next week, and activating it in Server Settings is simple. Furthermore, the team is hard at work developing even more novel AI applications that can be used on Discord.



Discord will begin releasing a number of intriguing new features on March 9, 2023. Some will be available right away, while others will be tested on specific servers before becoming available in the coming weeks and months.

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