4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case

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4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case

4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case

Many people like to use their phones with a cover. They are too afraid to use it without cover, for fear that they might drop it and damage it. Well, you should be concerned because you have spent your hard-earned money on that smartphone. Many mobile phone companies, like Oppo, Vivo, Mi, etc., provide a phone cover in the box with some smartphones.

Smartphone back covers are the most expensive accessory that people like to use on their smartphones. Because there are so many options, iPhone owners are considered to be extremely lucky when it comes to covers. We have multiple types of mobile covers. Back covers, flip covers, hard cases, bumper covers, holster mobile covers, and so on, are some of the more honorable mobile cover types. People who use flip covers want to cover their phones from 360-degree angles. 

Meanwhile, none of the phones covers you’re using is good for the longevity of your smartphone. Let’s see what harm it does by Tecchnical Dost.

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Do Not Use a Phone With a Case

How do you feel when the sun is shining brutally in mid-summer? What if someone wraps a blanket around you in this heat? In addition to that, if you even wear a sweater in that scorching heat, What would that feeling be? It must be terrible, right?

Similarly, your smartphone is a hot device and feels the same. It continuously heats up because of the processor. It needs to be cooled down too, but you’re adding more heat by attaching the cover. which makes it warmer and unable to work. This is not good for your phone’s health.

4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case
4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case


What occurs if you use a protective case or mobile cover?

Try to avoid using your phone with a back cover because they reduce its functionality, battery life, charging speed, signal strength, etc.

1. Performance

The most important details in this text are that when a smartphone heats up, the processor compensates by lowering the performance. If the processor is too much, it will process the functions at a slower speed, leading to lags or hangs. To prevent this from happening again, remove the cover and use the phone without a cover. When used without a cover, the phone works in a cool way and hardly gets warm.

The most important details in this text are that every phone now comes with a lithium battery, which causes the phone to get hot while using it and during charging. This extra heat damages the phone, and the back cover is not letting the heat out, so the processor starts closing the app automatically and the clock speed is reduced to a minimum.

2. Insufficient Charging Speed

Smartphone brands add a feature to slow down the charging speed if the phone gets warm, as the higher current rate leads to more heating issues. This is done for safety, as the use of the phone makes it hotter and the cover on that leaves no space to exit.

3. Life of the Battery

The battery of a smartphone is affected by heat and pressure, as well as the constant struggle to acquire a stronger signal. Using a phone with a cover can be beneficial for the body of the phone, but not for the battery, as it will start to lose its battery efficiency.

The overheated battery had an effect on battery life, so it is important to remove the phone’s back cover at least once during gaming, watching movies, or charging. Phone covers degrade performance, and the decision is entirely yours.

4: Signal Problems

Your smartphone uses radio waves to communicate, but without a cover, radio signals cannot travel efficiently. Without a cover, these features don’t work efficiently, resulting in a big difference in connectivity.

If a barrier is there, radio waves cannot travel effectively. This is exactly what a mobile cover does. Radio waves can malfunction because of your mobile phone’s covers. It’s not that these features don’t work, but it’s just a fact that they don’t work efficiently.

4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case
4 Reasons to Not Use a Phone With a Case


You should just stop using those phone covers. It may protect your phone’s body but won’t protect your phone’s inner body. You need a phone that can work effectively. But mobile covers won’t let the smartphone work properly. But if you are still afraid of getting it to break.

Here are some do’s and dont’s lists.


  • You can use a thin silicon transparent case.
  • While playing a game or engaging in strenuous activity, remove your cover.
  • Try to remove the case while charging.
  • If you feel your phone is getting heated up, remove the cover immediately. 


  • Don’t use thick cases, especially those really cute-looking covers where you will see a stuffed toy, a water patch with stars, any toy, sparkle, etc. They are cute but kill your poor phone.
  • Stop using flip covers. They are not protecting your phone from all angles. They are just making your phone hotter from every angle.
  • Don’t use an extra protective case with two layers. There are so many covers that come in 2 pieces. The outer piece is detachable and gives extra protection. But let me tell you, my friends, they are not protecting, they are destroying.

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