Don’t let your PAN card detail into someone’s hands

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Don't let your PAN card detail into someonce's hands

Don’t let your PAN card detail into someone’s hands

Everyone understands the significance of the PAN card. The ten numbers on the card represent the most important numbers in your and our financial horoscopes. However, a little carelessness can throw off the arithmetic of this horoscope. Because of a single error, anyone can read your financial horoscope. If he can read, then fraud is possible. We’re talking about leaking PAN card information. There is also some discomfort in this. Details are frequently leaked as a result of our mistakes, and we are sometimes victims of the thugs’ cunning. Vigilance is the only way to avoid it.

Technical Dost will further explain why you should not let your PAN card detail into someone’s hands.

Don’t let your PAN card detail into someone’s hands

Where can PAN card information be obtained?

Going back a little further, the theft and misuse of a PAN card were detailed in a popular TV crime show. With the photocopy discovered on the way, a major scandal ensued. The world has changed today. It is the digital age. That is why theft occurs there as well. The means are various apps and websites. From instant loans to apps that operate under the guise of pay letters. In the name of KYC, many apps also request PAN card information. We are not claiming that every app is a forgery, but the list of exploits for such apps is lengthy. That is why, regardless of the app, you must exercise caution. This is the most powerful defense.

Don’t let your PAN card detail into someone’s hands
What safeguards should you follow?

1. Verify the website’s legitimacy: The first fundamental is that the website should begin with https://. A padlock should be visible in the left corner, and the company’s official logo should be visible.

2. Avoid public WiFi and Internet cafes: The most dangerous places for data leaks are free WiFi, open networks in public places, and Internet cafes. Do not, under any circumstances, use them to share PAN card information.

3. Carefully read the privacy statement: Many websites and apps extract information very cleverly. ‘OK’ has already been written on many features. There is a game called WhatsApp Update. You have no idea, and by sharing PAN card details without hesitation, you agree to their misuse.

4. Keep internal security in mind: There is no need to be concerned if you use your device. Always keep your software up to date, from antivirus to firewall. In addition, install security patches from the laptop or smartphone manufacturer on a regular basis, and change the WiFi password of your home or office on a regular basis.

5. Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements: We usually look at our bank statements to check our balance. At the same time, they consult their credit card statement to determine how much they owe. This is a case of gross negligence. Avoid doing this. Examine each statement carefully. It is visible if the PAN card is used incorrectly.

6. Keep the notification turned on: If the notification bell rings constantly, the mind becomes distracted. That’s why we keep it shut. However, keep the banking-related SMS and email alerts turned on. If there is an issue, it will be addressed as soon as possible.

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