Can you really earn by making reels and shorts? know the truth

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Can you really earn by making reels and shorts? know the truth

Can you really earn by making Reels and Shorts? know the truth

Aren’t Reels and Shorts fascinating? You might also consider making Shorts or Reels at some point. And it also appears to be able to make a lot of money from these Shorts videos, correct? But is it true that we can make a lot of money by making these Shorts videos?

Technical Dost will tell you what can you really earn by making reels and Shorts.


Earn by making Reels and Shorts a reality

Let us begin by reviewing some statistics. Only about 8 crore people in our country make Reels. Every day, nearly 60 Reels are uploaded to the app. Everything appears enormous while reading, but when it comes to money, the figure shrinks. There are only about one and a half lakh people who receive money from them.

Earning on Instagram Reels

At the moment, Instagram does not give money directly; instead, it earns money only from brand deals. Even among these 1.5 lakh people, the number of earners is counted on the fingers.

Earning on YouTube Shorts

If you don’t use music, YouTube will pay you 0.23 rupees per 1000 views. And the money will be 0.11 rupees per 1000 views if you use music. This means you will only earn 230 rupees for 1 million views. You must be aware of what can be accomplished with such a large sum of money.


The same condition in the country and the world

We’ve already discussed the passion for Reels and YouTube Shorts in India; now let’s move on to other countries. TikTok is already prohibited in India. Many countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, have banned it from government offices for security reasons.

TikTok may be banned in other countries as well. America has a total population of 330 million people, of which approximately 100 million use TikTok. In light of this, America has clearly told TikTok that they must either sell their company to us or pack their belongings.

The gist of the story is that while making Reels is a good thing, making money from them is extremely difficult. So, if you want to pursue a career in this field, take a step back and think about it.

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