6 Solutions if your email not coming in Gmail 

6 Solutions if your email not coming in Gmail

Gmail is a great service, but sometimes it happens that email stops coming to Gmail due to the Gmail inbox being full. The reason is immediately visible. Many people get scolded by their boss because of this, and some have to hear good and bad from the client.

Something like this must have happened to you at one time or another. You will feel that some virus has entered or that hacking has happened somewhere. Now you have to avoid such a problem and not miss important emails. Now here are some easy ways if email not coming in Gmail.

If your email is suddenly not arriving in Gmail, these methods can help.


  1. Check for spam mail first when email not coming in Gmail

6 Solutions if your email not coming in Gmail 

Sometimes good technology also has some disadvantages. One such feature is Gmail’s spam filter. It is so advanced that work-related emails also come into their own. Actually, Spam Mail identifies and filters many words or sentences. like loan distributors, viruses, and anti-virus ones.

Unfortunately, if such a word occurs in your mail, Gmail will slam it into spam. Apart from this, if you have put any mail or sender in the list of spam mail, then consider the way closed for that. So, whenever you notice that mail isn’t arriving in your inbox, check your spam folder first. If your mail is there, take it to your inbox. Gmail will understand that it is spam mail.


  1. Hand in the trash folder when email not coming in Gmail

6 Solutions if your email not coming in Gmail 

This happens to everyone in ordinary life. You happened to delete some unwanted mail, but instead of this, you may have deleted your important emails. You may not have noticed this at that time and have forgotten about it. The same happens many times with your email.

Unnecessary mail causes email not to come in Gmail, work mail also gets deleted and goes to the trash folder. Next time you don’t get any mail, take a look at it in the trash. Unlike household garbage, Gmail keeps your garbage for 30 days.


  1. Examine the email tag 

One of the great features of Gmail is email stamping. To label means to label. All kinds of labeling can be done on Gmail. label of any name, company, personal, or business.

Now in this case, if you have told the mail to go directly to the labels (with the auto setting enabled), then the email will go directly to the folder with that label. So whenever an email not coming in Gmail doesn’t appear in your inbox, take a peek at these labels. Our advice would be to keep the option of sending mail to these labels manually instead of going automatic.


  1. Clean Storage 

You get 15 GB of storage space on Google. But when it gets filled in the circle of selfies, reels, and social media, it is not known. Keep an eye out from time to time to see if Google storage has run out when email not coming in Gmail. If it is filled, then empty it, or else new mail will not come. 


  1. Email is not forwarded

This is also a handy feature. Whether you are on vacation or using any other mail service. Email forwarding is very useful. Just take care that it is turned off after using it. If this has not happened, then the mail will keep coming to the inbox.


  1. Gmail App care when email not coming in Gmail

Nowadays, without the mobile app of Gmail, work does not work. So it is important that it is configured properly. If you have changed the password on the desktop than change it on the app as well. Otherwise, the email may keep syncing. By going to your profile picture, you will get this option in the managed account.

If you try the above methods, the email will be sent directly to your inbox if the email not coming in Gmail. .

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