5 Tips to Enhance Incognito Mode in Chrome on Android

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5 Tips to Enhance Incognito Mode in Chrome on Android

5 Tips to Enhance Incognito Mode in Chrome on Android

Chrome’s incognito mode makes browsing the web secretly straightforward and convenient. Yet, there are a few little-known tricks you can use to boost Chrome for Android’s incognito mode.

Here are some of the best ways to improve Chrome’s usability for Android’s incognito mode by using a few ingeniously disguised Chrome flags and experimenting with other accessible settings.

Here are 5 Tips to Enhance Incognito Mode in Chrome on Android by Technical Dost.

1. Lock Incognito Tabs

Users of Chrome for Android may now use fingerprint authentication to lock incognito tabs. This feature operates similarly to how most banking apps manage authentication and security, requiring users to unlock the tabs and access the content using their biometric data or their phone’s passcode.

Lock incognito tabs in Chrome for Android by doing the following:

  1. In Chrome, select Settings > Privacy and Security from the three-dot menu.
  2. Switch on the Lock incognito Tabs… option to see the feature in action.

You may need to enable the functionality first, depending on the version of the app you’re running.

  1. To do this, open Chrome on your phone or tablet and type chrome:/flags into the address bar.
  2. In the area below the search field, type “Authentication.”
  3. Look for the option and adjust its value to Enabled to enable device reauthentication for incognito. The feature can now be enabled via the Settings menu.

2. Allow Screenshots Inside Incognito Mode

While in data-sensitive apps, Android does not enable screenshots of important information to be taken, although this is the default behavior with Chrome incognito tabs. Fortunately, another Chrome option on Android allows users to circumvent this security barrier and easily capture screenshots.

To take screenshots incognito on Android, go to chrome:/flags and enable the Incognito Screenshot option.

3. Disable Incognito Mode

It is critical that parents and guardians keep their children away from inappropriate information. Because your phone has an incognito mode, it is practically hard to identify if your child has accessed age-restricted or influencing content.

You may disable Chrome’s incognito for Android smartphones and tablets by installing a third-party app from the Play Store. In addition to limiting access to incognito mode, the application can be programmed to automatically remove your secret tabs whenever you lock your smartphone.


5 Tips to Enhance Incognito Mode in Chrome on Android

4. Launch Incognito Windows Quicker

If you frequently utilize Chrome’s incognito mode, there is a faster and easier way to open a hidden tab. When an app icon on the home screen or in the app drawer is long-pressed, Quick Actions and in-app shortcuts become available. These features debuted with Android 8.

An Incognito Tab shortcut should display when you long-press the Google Chrome app. Long-press and drag this shortcut on your home screen to make it behave as a standalone program.

5. Use Other Google Apps in Incognito Mode

Because of how useful a private browsing option that leaves no traces is, Google decided to incorporate Incognito Mode in other apps.

Toggle toggles for Google Maps and YouTube enable a temporary incognito under the Accounts section. This is really useful if you don’t feel comfortable adding journey history to and from certain regions.

Similarly, YouTube’s incognito mode temporarily removes your view history so you may watch any video you want without worrying about it clogging up your suggestions later.

Use Incognito to Browse the Web More Privately

These hidden Chrome flags, together with the simple toggles, will provide you with greater control over your private browsing sessions. It’s important to remember that using incognito mode on your favorite browser or app still leaves your traces behind, so you’ll have to put in more effort to browse the internet anonymously.

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