How to Exchange 2000 Rupees Notes from Amazon Pay Wallet 

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How to Exchange 2000 Rupees Notes from Amazon Pay Wallet 

How to Exchange 2000 Rupees Notes from Amazon Pay Wallet

As part of its Clean Note Policy, the Reserve Bank of India recently decided to take all Rs. 2,000 notes out of circulation. This has left many people asking how to exchange their remaining notes. Amazon has fixed this problem by making it possible for people to swap Rs. 2,000 notes using the Amazon Pay wallet. The goal of this project is to make it easy for people to turn their high-value bills into digital money that can be used for a variety of online activities.

To use this service, customers must go through the video KYC (Know Your Customer) process on the Amazon app. KYC is a legal rule that requires customers’ names and addresses to be checked. After going through the KYC process, clients can use the Amazon Pay card to charge Rs. 2,000 notes in the following ways:


Step 1: Finish Video KYC on the Amazon App

To start the swap process, customers must first make sure that they have finished the video KYC on the Amazon app. This means sending Amazon the right identification papers and doing what Amazon says.

Step 2: Submit a cash-on-delivery order

After the client has gone through the video KYC process, they can place an order on Amazon for any product that qualifies for cash on delivery. Customers can give the Rs. 2,000 bills to the delivery person when the order is brought to them.

Step 3: Give the money to the delivery agent

When the customer arrives, they should give the Rs. 2,000 bills to the delivery person. It is important to remember that this swap process is only available for orders that will be paid for when they are delivered.

Step 4: Check your Amazon Pay balance

After getting the cash, the delivery person will quickly update the customer’s Amazon Pay wallet with the new amount. This amount can be used for online shopping, paying bills, recharging phones, sending money to friends and family, and making digital payments through partner apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

It is very important to stress that this service has some limits. Customers can put up to Rs. 50,000 in cash, including Rs. 2,000 notes, into their accounts each month. Also, customers who have finished the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process are the only ones who can exchange or update their Amazon Pay amount with Rs. 2,000 notes.

Using the Amazon Pay wallet, customers can turn their real money into digital money. This makes it easy to buy things online. Amazon’s move shows that it is committed to giving its customers new solutions that meet their needs during hard times.


       Amazon Pay lets you trade in 2000 Rupees. Last but not least, when the Reserve Bank of India stopped accepting Rs. 2,000 notes, Amazon made it easy for people to trade their high-value notes using the Amazon Pay card. Customers can easily turn their physical money into digital money by finishing a simple process that includes a video KYC and a cash-on-delivery order. This makes it easy for them to do online transactions. This shows how much Amazon wants its customers to be happy and how ready it is to change as things change.

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