Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

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Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

Because our current phone is so outdated, we have decided that it’s time to upgrade to a more modern model. But now you are scratching your head about what to do with the phone you have been relying on upon up until this point. Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

It’s possible that you came across the option to exchange your current phone for a new one, while you were looking for a new one. And you might also have contemplated the possibility that you should have to give that a shot. The exchange offer program that can be found in the online sale appears to have a lot of potential appeals.

However, before you make a decision, you are unsure as to whether or not it is secure to exchange your old phone. And what’s the harm in that? Who will feel bad for you if you sell your old phone for some money and someone else gives you money in exchange for it?

In addition, you may negotiate a lower price for this upgrade at the same time that you purchase your new phone. Because of this, the price of that new phone will be significantly reduced. Be warned, however, that you absolutely must have this information at your disposal before settling on anything. Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?


1. Check Cashify for your phone’s reselling price.

Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?
Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

When you go to a reputable website to trade in your phone, they will display an amount for you, which may not be very high. On the other hand, the real price of your phone might have been higher than the one they offer.

The question is, then, where exactly is the problem? The problem is that there is no opportunity to make money because the amount of money that they are willing to offer you is so low. When you check with Cashify, they will show you the true cost of your phone in its current condition.

Even if you sell your old phone on Cashify. You have the option of receiving the money in the form of cash or as a voucher to use on Amazon or Flipkart. which is applicable when purchasing a brand-new mobile device. It is patently obvious that taking advantage of this offer rather than exchanging your phone is the wiser choice.


2. They’d let you buy your phone for 50% off

Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?
Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

For example, if you are participating in a currency exchange program that will provide you with 3,000 rupees, Cashify might display a total of 6,000 rupees for that transaction. To be more specific, they would offer you the chance to pay only fifty percent of the original price for your phone.

On the other hand, if you sell it on OLX or to any individual, known or unknown, you have a better chance of achieving a higher price for it. It’s possible that you could get 7000 rupees for this phone if you tried to sell it. It is therefore in your best interest to give it a shot before you go and get a new phone.


3. The person who takes your old phone finds many flaws

Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?
Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

We’ve seen quite a few cases where the person delivering your phone and coming to your location took your old phone with them. He investigates your old phone in the manner of a private investigator. The person who has come to collect your old phone discovers that the phone they are going to take with them has numerous flaws and decides not to take it.

And by doing that, he brings down the price of your phone. There are times when you’ll notice a scratch on your phone, and there are other times when you’ll notice a defect. And eventually, he will either refuse to take your old phone or simply lower the exchange price of the phone that you want to buy.


4. Bargain a reasonable price

Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?
Is it ok to Exchange your old phone?

I’m just going to start off by saying that you shouldn’t give any credence to those exchange offers they’re giving you. They offer you a very small sum of money for your phone. Therefore, please do not put yourself in a position where you will lose that phone. You should be able to negotiate a fair price for that mobile device.

Put aside some of your cash so you can buy what you need and get ahead financially. You could buy your new phone first, and then sell your old phone after you’ve finished transferring your data. Both options are available to you. You could sell it on one of the websites similar to Olx or Cashify, or you could try selling your old phone to someone in your own social circle.

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Is it safe to exchange your old phone?

The cell phone that you wish to exchange will be sent promptly to WS Retail, which is Flipkart’s in-house retailer. At that location, your mobile phone will undergo a check to determine whether or not the user has successfully removed all of the stored data from the device. In the event that this is not the case, WS Retail reserves the right to do so.

After this point, you will no longer be able to make any requests about the retrieval of data. They have no interest in learning anything personal about you at all. They undoubtedly get thousands of new devices delivered every single day.

After that, the mobile phones are packaged up and delivered to an unknown third party so that they can be recycled. One analogy that comes to mind is that of Green Earth having a sponsor in this “third party.”

They will recycle any old smartphones brought in through WS Retail, with whom they have a partnership to do so. I’m sure I’ve come across the name of this “third party” before, but I can’t bring it to mind at the moment. Is it ok to Exchange your old phone, hope you have got the answer?

They might resale it to another customer (as a reconditioned model), or they might break it down and sell the pieces. 

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