Beware Android Users: Fake App SafeChat Stealing WhatsApp Data!

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Beware Android Users: Fake App SafeChat Stealing WhatsApp Data!

Beware Android Users: Fake App SafeChat Stealing WhatsApp Data!

Hackers have found a sneaky way to take advantage of WhatsApp users by using a fake Android app called ‘SafeChat.’ This app is a cover for spyware that is designed to steal users’ WhatsApp data and other sensitive information from their phones.

The spyware called “SafeChat,” which is thought to be a version of “Coverlm,” attacks popular messaging apps like “WhatsApp,” “Telegram,” “Signal,” “Viber,” and “Facebook Messenger.” It was made by an Indian APT hacking group called “Bahamut,” which is known for attacking users without their knowledge, mostly through spear-phishing messages sent on WhatsApp. Their targets are in India and other parts of South Asia.

How does this sneaky spyware actually work? Let’s look at the bad things it does step by step:

Step 1: The Trap

Hackers get their victims to download the “SafeChat” app by making it look like a real chat program. The real trouble starts when the victim falls for the trap and installs the app.

Step 2: Asking for permission

If the app is given permission to use Accessibility Services, it can access the victim’s contacts, SMS messages, call logs, external device storage, and GPS location data. This makes it possible for spyware to get a lot of private information.

Step 3: Avoiding Detection

The “SafeChat” app also asks the user’s permission to be left out of Android’s system for saving battery life. With this permission, the app can run in the background even when it’s not being used, so it can do its bad things without being noticed.

Step 4: Use other messaging apps

Once the spyware has access to the device’s data, it works with other chat apps that are already on the phone. This gives it the ability to steal information from these apps, like chat messages and media files.

Step 5: Steal information and send it

The data is then encrypted and sent to the attacker’s command-and-control (C2) server. Encryption and certificates are used to hide identities and keep people from being found.


So, what can you do to keep yourself from being hurt by these kinds of attacks? Here are some important things you should do to keep your Android device safe:

1. Trustworthy App Sources: Only download and install apps from official app stores like Google Play Store. Don’t sideload apps from places you don’t know, because they could have malware on them.

2. Check the app’s permissions: Be careful when an app asks for permissions that aren’t necessary. If an app wants access to sensitive information or features that have nothing to do with what it does, you might want to think twice about installing it.

3. Get updates often: Install the latest software and security patches on your Android device to keep it up-to-date. Updates are put out by manufacturers to fix security holes and make devices safer.

4. Install a good antivirus or security app: from a company you know you can trust. These apps can check your device regularly for malware and other possible threats.

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By being aware of dangerous apps like “SafeChat” and using these tips, you can keep your Android device safe and prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. Keep safe and chat in a responsible way!

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