7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

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7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

Buying a new Android phone used to be simple. Whichever smartphone you chose would be a considerable upgrade over your current model because each new generation of smartphones delivered major enhancements. The situation has changed.

Modern smartphone features are impressive, but there is less of a gap between generations than ever before. This makes it much more difficult to decide what to buy. This article will go over seven Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to be future-proof.

Here are 7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have by Technical Dost.

1. A Strong Processor Image Credit:

The CPU in your smartphone acts as the brain, regulating all operations such as web browsing, gaming, photography, storage, and communication. If your phone has a slow CPU, the operations you can perform on it will be limited.

Although benchmark results from applications such as AnTuTu and Geekbench can be used to evaluate a processor’s performance, they do not always provide an accurate picture. For heavy usage and gaming, you’ll need a processor that can pull 700K or more.

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

2. At Least 6GB of RAM

RAM stores short-term memory, making multitasking on a phone easier. It can be as little as 2GB on entry-level handsets and as much as 12GB on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The average user should have 6GB of RAM to multitask while doing activities like talking with friends, streaming music, and browsing the web.

3. At Least 128GB of Storage

The two most important facts in this section are that more content is being submitted online than ever before, and the quality of the photographs and videos is improving. Internal storage is typically 32GB, however, some premium versions provide up to 1TB.

Most people only require 128GB of storage, but if you intend to keep your phone for a long time, 256GB isn’t a bad idea. It’s much better if your phone has a MicroSD card slot. External storage is also useful because you can utilize your old phone’s SD card with it.

4. A 120Hz Refresh Rate Display

Display technology has grown greatly in the world of smartphones, so it stands to reason that it is currently at its current level. A modern smartphone’s display should have a refresh rate of 120Hz, FHD resolution, AMOLED colors, and a screen-to-body ratio of at least 85%. It should also have a hole-punch camera cutout to provide a clear viewing experience.

5. At Least 5000mAh Battery With Fast Charging

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

The two most important facts are that software optimization has a substantial impact on the phone’s actual battery life and that a battery capacity of 5000mAh is no longer competitive for the most capable Android handsets.

In terms of battery life, the 5000mAh cell in the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the 4323mAh cell in the iPhone 14 Pro Max are nearly identical. Reverse wireless charging is an extra bonus but not required, and having a fast charger of at least 25W will be quite useful.


6. An Optimized Camera System

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have
7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

As smartphone photography gets more computational and less reliant on hardware, it becomes less important. The difference is in the software, as some phones accentuate color and sharpness while opting for a more natural appearance. Brands make boasts about high megapixel counts, but aperture and sensor size are stronger predictors of camera quality.

  • Aperture:  This controls how much light enters the lens. The more light the lens can admit, the wider the aperture, which is indicated as a smaller f-number, such as f1.8. This is really useful for photographing in low light and creating a genuine bokeh effect.
  • Sensor size:  The image sensor, which also converts light into an image, has a direct influence on the resolution and size of a picture. Although the sensor size isn’t normally specified, a larger sensor is always preferred.

An ultra-wide lens is required, and the only way to determine how good a phone’s camera is to try it yourself or watch reviews. Macro and telephoto lenses are also necessary, depending on your tastes.

7. Other Features to Look For

  • Error! Filename not specified: In addition to the specs, there are a few other Features Your Next Android Phone Needs
  • Gorilla Glass protection: Your phone should have at least Gorilla Glass 5 protection to avoid accidental drops and display breakage.
  • Clean software: Stock Android, OneUI, and OxygenOS are the best options for a squeaky-clean software experience. Avoid MIUI, ColorOS, and FuntouchOS if possible.
  • Water resistance: Most flagship and mid-range smartphones include water resistance as a standard feature, allowing customers to use their phones without fear in any situation.
  • NFC:  If you dislike carrying cash, NFC (Near Field Communication) is ideal for making secure wireless payments with a touch.

Buy a Phone You Will Love to Use

Smartphone design, functionality, build quality, and performance are at an all-time high. You can find the best Android phone regardless of the price range, as long as you know what to look for.

7 Features Your Next Android Phone Needs to Have

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