5 things that are illegal on the internet

The internet’s world now resembles a galaxy. Every country depends on the Internet. The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives very quickly. So here are 5 things that are illegal on the internet by Technical Dost.

Countries have rules and regulations on internet usage. The rules and regulations that prevent unethical behavior in the misuse of the internet are punishable. 

5 things that are illegal on the Internet

1. Rude and offensive talk

We strongly prohibit offensive language on the internet. Social media platforms that are available online have quickly become one of the most important ways to talk back and forth and spread ideas. Using any word language that is harmful or unacceptable in the eyes of the law and society has an impact on an individual’s sentiments. 

On complaint, legal action can be taken against you. Also, different social media can block your account on the basis of a genuine complaint. India is a country of diversity. In India, there are numerous religions. Anything offensively related to any religion that is said or written is punishable. Legal action can be taken. So do not get involved in it. 


2. Online gambling

Gambling is a curse for any society. The government has very strict laws on gambling. Nobody is allowed to get involved in this, according to the government. Big financial risks are always involved in gambling. Maharashtra State is very strict about it. I don’t know much about other states of India, but in Maharashtra, online gambling is considered to be an offense. Whether it is an offense or not, do not get involved in gambling. 


3. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is any kind of bullying that happens through the use of digital technology. In technology, usually, social media platforms come into play. On social media platforms, people meet and have the option to comment. But those comments should be healthy. It can happen through messaging platforms, gaming platforms, and social media. Repeatedly aimed at scaring someone, angering, or shaming those who are targeted. 

Another option is to send texts or videos that are rude, abusive, or scary. If you are doing so, the Cyber Team is watching you. You may face legal ramifications.


4. Exchange of Nude Photographs

Sexting is the way of sending half-naked and sexual pictures of yourself or others through mobile phones or the web. Even people can complain about your own pictures. you also cannot share anyone else’s pictures, with or without concern. Never share any kid’s picture, no matter half or fully naked. You will be charged under different Acts and Laws. The process of sending such images is considered a very serious crime according to the laws of India. 


5. Password for phone wifi/hotspot security.

You must have a strong Wi-Fi password. So no one can use it or break it. Always give your password to anyone carefully. You must know why any of them require your Wi-Fi or hotspot. If someone else committed any crime through your Wi-Fi or hot spot, You will be traced by the cyber crime police, because that IP address is yours. Use the internet with care.

5 things that are illegal on the Internet


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