Free Netflix, Prime and Hotstar a myth

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Free Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar

Ever been in a pocket crisis and have all your friends talk about some new shows on Netflix and think, I wish I could watch it for free, you soon as you try to find something like that on Google, a shower of screaming websites try to lure you in with their exciting offers of free Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, Teletubbies, Carrotpuppies, and whatnot.

I’m not saying that they all are lying about providing these services to you for free exactly, but it just doesn’t always end at that. OTT platforms (Free Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc.) are on a rise worldwide.

Everybody loves to sit back at the end of the day and have some popcorn and watch their favorite sitcom or movie, but we humans always tend to look for cheaper options. In fact why not free right? 

All the platforms ask you for some amount of money to access their content and a lot of us don’t really have that. That doesn’t mean we should go out on a hunt to get these things from scammers and con men instead.

If you check the play store. You’ll find plenty of apps offering these things for free too. You’d be surprised to know. It’s actually illegal. Well, not in India but if we are talking about illegal things in India, we’ve seen people get away with robbery in broad daylight on a busy road. This is nothing compared to that.

A country like Germany may have strict rules about these things and they can actually arrest you for not paying for your movie marathon.. but it’s not the same in India. As we established above, it’s not illegal but I’d rather warn you. it’s still not safe either.

Companies like Netflix, prime, and all the mainstream OTT platforms take permission from the government about the user’s privacy, data, and a lot of stuff. So that if our privacy is breached at any point in time, they will be answerable. Meanwhile, these “freebies” that we all like so much come with a little gift called “malware”. Forget privacy, you will be blessed if your phone is not hacked under the hands of these puppies in Free Netflix scams.

There’s always a witch waiting to eat you behind the sweet house made of chocolates. Those free Netflix apps show you pop-ups and you dare not click on any of them because you can lose your valuable bank account information, your Id, photos, and whatnot.

It’s much safer to pay a little amount than to put so many things at risk instead. It’s like eating Maggie from a weekly market that was not from the packet.

If you fall sick, you can’t sue Maggie. It is not their responsibility because you decided to save a few bucks and risked your health by going for a cheaper option. It’s always beneficial to look at things from a bigger perspective.

I’d like to end this piece with this quote from the famous Chanakya “In a world of Cheapsters.. frauds rule”. Beware of these Free Netflix scams.

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