Get rid of spam calls forever with Google

Get rid of spam calls forever with Google

Artificial intelligence (AI) has caused quite a stir in recent months. Every company in the world appears to have focused solely on AI by pegging their ongoing projects. Google appears to be falling behind in this game right now. However, it is said that if the lion takes two steps back, it is preparing to pounce on its prey. Similarly, Google is getting ready to explode with AI. A high-ranking company official has hinted at this. Technical Dost will explain further.


Remove Spam Calls with Google

Unwanted calls, spam calls, marketing calls, this is a problem that will not go away no matter what you do. Mua has evolved into the corona, and when it appears to be gone, it returns with a new variant. The same is true for spam calls. Whether you want to block the phone or use full DND. They find a way to get into your phone from somewhere. But perhaps we can now put this issue behind us.

Consider the following quote from Jonathan Eccles, Product Manager for Google’s Phone app:

“Stay tuned this year.”

Jonathan’s line contains a significant hint. In fact, in the most recent episode of the ‘Made By Google’ podcast, Johnathan discussed the use of AI in phones. According to him, the company’s plan is that you will never have to deal with spam calls in the future. According to him, the only significance of a phone call is whether it is an urgent call or a call that makes him smile.

According to 9to5Google, the company’s artificial intelligence program LaMDA (The Large Language Model) can be integrated into the phone app. In layman’s terms, AI will have to determine whether the call is spam or useful to remove spam calls with Google. According to Jonathan in the podcast,

“The company is developing a multistep and multiturn interaction model.” This method will establish a secure and useful door layer for incoming calls.”

Johnathan went on to say that Google believes artificial intelligence can lead to a spam-free future. Simply stay with us this year. Jonathan did the same thing again.

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