Google and Apple have your Personal Data, even if they deny

Google and Apple have your Personal Data

These two companies have each developed an accurate horoscope by relying solely on digital information and resources.

Every time the subject of mobile operating systems is brought up, the names Android (Android) and iOS (Apple) are the first to pop into anyone’s head. In contrast to Google’s complete ownership of the Android OS, Apple’s monopoly on the iOS platform is absolute. It is a prerequisite that both Google and Apple have your Personal Data. Put another way, they have complete access to your digital horoscope. Google, Apple, and every other tech company out there will tell you that they fully support your right to privacy when using their products and services. Both Apple and Google are guilty of this. Google and Apple have your Personal Data but there is currently no risk to the data.

But the question is: how often does this really occur? At this point, further discussion is pointless and therefore unnecessary. You know more than anyone else about this situation. In short, we can give you a fairly precise estimate of how much data the two tech giants have on you.

Google and Apple have your Personal Data, even if they deny
Google and Apple have your Personal Data, even if they deny

What do you have with Google?

Google has been accused of violating its users’ privacy, but we would be unable to do our jobs without access to the data they collect. Delete all your programs and see if that helps. No one can see a way out of this crisis at the moment. Exactly how will it operate? Almost any need you can think of can be met by a Google service. Because of this, it is in your best interest to monitor your participation in all extracurricular activities very carefully.

  • In order to access Activity Controls, visit in your web browser. You must follow these procedures. Use the new credentials to log in to your Google account.
  • You will see your profile if you speak a language that Google understands; if you use your native tongue, you will see your horoscope instead.
  • Everything from your location history to the videos you’ve watched on YouTube to the ads you’ve seen tailored to your interests can be accessed here.

Select “Manage all Web and App Activity” from this menu. By taking matters into your own hands, not only can you obtain your horoscope, but you can also remove any personal information that Google may have stored on you. Get your horoscope and do it yourself. However, you are the only person capable of completing this assignment. YouTube also gives you the option to remove the historical location data it has collected from your browser.

What has Apple saved you?

Apple likes to see itself as the user community’s privacy guardian. The settings menu is where you’ll find his new “App Tracking Transparency” feature. The truly remarkable thing is that Google has already reached this point, whereas Facebook took a very long time to do so. If you follow the link, you can read every article ever written on the subject in one convenient location. Let’s zero in on how to make sense of the information at hand. Users’ photos, emails, and App Store purchases are all accessible to Apple thanks to users’ Apple IDs. There is a specific sequence of steps that must be taken before you can see this.

  • is where you can find these details.
  • To continue, please sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Specifically, Google’s software and Apple’s are slightly dissimilar from one another in this respect.
  • In order to access the features you desire, you must first click on them.
  • Following the conclusion of the procedure, you will receive an email with all of the relevant details.
  • In all likelihood, Apple will need at least one more week to complete this task.

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