5 reasons, Google Assistant and Alexa are superior to Siri

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5 reasons, Google Assistant and Alexa are superior to Siri

Why Google Assistant and Alexa are superior to Siri

A voice assistant is the most cutting-edge technology available in today’s world. It really does feel like you have an assistant, just like the name of the product, which is Google Assistant. which executes the commands you give it and responds with the answers to any questions you ask.

Apple was the company that started it all. Apple was the company that initially introduced the world to Siri ten years ago. This innovative new feature caused people to go completely bonkers. However, as time goes on, other businesses that compete with Amazon launched their own voice assistants. Siri has some serious competition in the form of voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Here are the 5 mentioned reasons:


  1. Google Assistant and Alexa more flexible with any language

Google Assistant and Alexa work better in our own language. For example, if you ask Google Assistant and Alexa to respond to you in Hindi, it will respond to you in Hindi. Not just that, it will speak with you as if you were its friend.

For example, if you ask Alexa in Hindi, “Alexa kya tumhe gali aati hai?” (Alexa, do you abuse it?) Then she will reply: “Na ji na, in mamlo me mai badi sanskari hu.  (No, I am not very cultured in these matters.) With this answer, you can surely connect with Alexa in an instant.

And if you talk about Google Assistant, if you ask Google Assistant to tell you a joke, she will tell you any insane joke in Hindi. That’s the part that is missing in Siri, which surely feels like a lack of connection. 


  1. Offline mode is better in Google Assistant and Alexa

If you have ever tried to ask Siri a question when you did not have a good cell service connection, then you are probably familiar with the experience of waiting for Siri to say something before you finally say something.

Due to the fact that for many years, not all of Siri’s vocal processing was done on your device, the virtual assistant can sometimes act unfriendly toward you. Instead, Apple’s servers were made responsible for processing that task, and responses were sent back to you. Initially, if there was no internet connection, Siri would appear.

Siri will gladly open apps like Notes and Reminders on your behalf, but it won’t be able to create any new entries for you within those apps. Even with Siri working offline, the majority of the work that needs to be done on your iPhone will still need to be done manually until you reach a location that has cell service.

  1. “Hey Siri” Never Works As It’s Supposed To

Saying “Hey Siri” is supposed to be Siri’s hands-free activation code, just like saying “Ok Google” or “Alexa,” but unfortunately, “Hey Siri” never works as it should.

It seems as though saying “Hey, Siri” is a great way to reach for some simple commands while your hands are full, such as when you are cooking. The lack of credibility, however, makes “Hey Siri” more of a pointless exercise than anything else. For instance, if you try to activate “Hey Siri” while your iPhone is playing music, you won’t be able to do so because there will be too much sound interference. Also, if there is music playing in the room, you won’t be able to activate “Hey Siri.” The microphones on the iPhone are not sensitive enough to pick up sounds, even in environments with a very low level of background noise.


10 Ways to Fix if your “Hey Siri” Not Responding
  1. Siri needs to understand the context better

People who are up late and enjoy staying up late will appreciate the fact that if you use Siri to set a reminder for “yesterday” after midnight, Siri will confirm that you said “yesterday,” but it will actually be later on today. This feature is beneficial to people who are up late and enjoy staying up late. I mean it literally. Even though it’s a useful feature the majority of the time, you still need to be careful about what you ask Siri and how you ask for it when using Siri.

Using more than one date or time in a sentence is one of the most important things that Siri has learned. For instance, if you tell Siri, “remind me on April 30 that I have a dentist appointment the day after tomorrow,” it is possible that Siri will forget the date entirely and schedule your reminder for the following day. Many people are going to stop using Siri entirely until it is able to comprehend the complexities of human speech and language better.


  1. Siri Sucks at Running Your House

Apple wants its customers to use Siri to control all of their smart home devices, but in many respects, Siri is not yet capable of competing with Google Assistant and Alexa. There is a massive selection of third-party Alexa-compatible devices available from a variety of manufacturers. These devices range from thermostats to lights and more, and they are all compatible with Alexa.

Too hasty of an attempt to integrate Siri with your home can turn into a source of headaches. You’ll need to start off by purchasing either a HomePod or a HomePod Mini, both of which are significantly more expensive than the typical Alexa-enabled speaker. Then, any smart home device that you choose must be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit platform. This is a very limited selection of products, and they are almost always offered at significantly higher prices than their rivals.

5 reasons, Google Assistant and Alexa are superior to Siri

Do Siri, still can improve?

In 2011, Apple’s Siri was a game-changer; however, the company is currently playing catch-up with its competitors. Despite the fact that the Cupertino-based company got off to a strong start with voice assistants, competitors such as Google Assistant and Alexa emerged out of nowhere and blew Siri out of the water.

It’s unfortunate that Apple has placed enhancing Siri so far down on its list of things to do because virtual assistant like Google Assistant and Alexa still has a lot of untapped potentials to make using an iPhone more enjoyable. Siri is demonstrating that even in a large product like the iPhone, there are still some rough spots that need to be ironed out. Apple likes to market the iPhone as being at the cutting edge of mobile technology, but Siri is proving that this is not the case. That is why Google Assistant and Alexa are superior to Siri in this regard.

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