Now Google Assistant warns users about password

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Now Google Assistant warns users about password

Now Google Assistant warns users about password

Google Assistant will now alert users when browsing Google Chrome if their credentials on supported websites’ user passwords are exposed to any risk. The Checkup Tool The Google Assistant will prompt them to change their credentials and can even help with setting a strong password. This Google System Update v22.18 for Android smartphones was updated on May 23 via Google Play Services. Google has also introduced the Google Play Store v30.3 update with several improvements. Update with Google Play Services brought bug fixes to account management, utilities, and system management on Android.

The Google Play Services v22.18 update provides updated security and privacy features. Password Checkup has been upgraded as part of Google’s new services update for Android smartphones. This newly updated version enables Google Assistant to alert users if their passwords and usernames have been compromised or are in danger while browsing supported websites on Google Chrome on smartphones running Android. Along with the alert, Google Assistant will also ask you whether you want it to automatically generate a more secure password.

Google Assistant warns users about password

Along with the Play Services v22.18 update, Google has also introduced the Google Play Store v30.3 update. The update brings improvements to the play-as-you-download feature to reduce the waiting time for gamers. It also introduces new features to help users find apps and games better. The new update allows the fast and reliable download and installation of apps through optimization. There are new additional features in the Play Pass and Play Points programs, as well as an improved version of Google Play Billing.

The May 2022 Google Play Services update also brings important bug fixes to Android Auto, Android phones, Android tablets, Android TVs, and Wear OS. Bug fixes are for account management, utilities, system management, and system diagnostics services. Through these bug fixes, Google aims to improve connectivity, performance, and stability on Android.

On May 16, Google updated Services to v22.15, which allowed parents to set up a persistent launcher on Android devices. Local parental controls are used to supervise Family Link.

In the April 2022 Google system update, the company made improvements to its password manager. That allowed users to import and store passwords for local users and switch accounts. It also removed support for using Find My Device on the Android Work Profile.

Now Google Assistant warns users about password

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