Google’s New Superpower: Google Dark Web Report in India

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Google's New Superpower: Google Dark Web Report in India

Here comes the Google Dark Web Report to help!

Most people know about the Dark Web but are afraid to look around there. Well, if you’re scared to go on the Dark Web, you’re doing the right thing. It is a hidden part of the internet where people who like to mess things up do their dirty work. Well, don’t worry, because Google is coming to the rescue with its new “Dark Web Report.”

India is the first place where Google’s Dark Web Report will be available. This cool tool was only available to people in the US until now, but now Google One subscribers in India will also be able to use it.


Dark Web: is kind of like a hidden part of the internet where bad things happen. It is where bad people sell things they shouldn’t, like your personal information. The problem is that it’s hard to catch these cybercriminals because everything they do is very, very secret.

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Dark Web Report

Google’s Dark Web Report is like an internet hero you can count on. It keeps your personal information safe from getting into the wrong hands. This cool feature looks for any signs that your information is being shared on the dark web.

How to use Dark Web Report?

It’s easy as pie to use the Dark Web Report. You start by making a special profile. Then, you choose the information you want to keep private, such as your name, birthday, up to 10 email addresses, and phone numbers. Google will let you know if any of this stuff ever shows up on the dark web. It’s like giving your data a guardian angel.

You can even set it up so that you get updates in real-time and helpful tips on how to keep your data safe. So, Google not only has your back, but it also helps you stay safe online by giving you good advice.

Who Can Use It?

Here’s the deal: If you subscribe to Google One, you’re in luck. You can use this cool part of the Dark Web Report. But if you are a regular Google user, you can still use it to keep an eye on your email addresses even if you are not a Gmail user. But Google One users have the upper hand because they can also keep an eye on other details.

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India is getting more and more cases of cybercrime, and your personal information is more valuable than ever. Google’s report on the Dark Web is like putting a brand-new lock on your virtual front door. It’s an extra security measure to keep hackers from getting to your data.

Remember when this feature was only known to people in the US who had a premium 2TB plan? Well, in March, Google One decided to let everyone in the US use it, along with a free VPN service. It was like everyone was at a tech party!

So, there you go! Google’s Dark Web Report is like a digital cape that can protect your private information from the sneaky bad guys on the dark web. It’s easy to use, very helpful, and it’s here to keep your data safe in India. Cheers to safer times on the internet!

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