Google kills call recording apps with a verdict!

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Google kills call recording apps with a verdict!

Google kills call recording apps with a verdict!

If you were still depending on a third party to record calls on your Android smartphone, then you are in for a rude awakening. Android now includes built-in call recording capabilities. Google, meanwhile, is the company that is in charge of developing and operating Android. Actually, this company, which is considered to be the king of the search world, has made such a change in the policy.

As a result, the closure of third-party call-recording apps (Android Call Recording Apps) is believed to be fixed. This change occurred after the company made the change in the policy. Even though Google has not made any official statements regarding the termination of the apps. It is abundantly clear from the language of the policy that the apps have reached the end of their useful lifespan.

On May 11, the new policies that Google has implemented for the Play Store will become active after they have been tested. In a developer webinar that took place on Wednesday, Google discussed the newly implemented policy. In light of this information, developers will not be granted access to the Accessibility API in order to record phone calls. As soon as this occurs, these third-party applications will no longer be able to perform their primary function, which is recording app phone calls.

This policy, by the way, has no bearing on the built-in call recording feature that is already available on your smartphone. That is if the manufacturer of your smartphone has already installed such a feature or piece of software. After that, you will be able to record calls using that device. Allow us to inform you that the ability to record phone calls is already built into mobile devices made by companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo.

Google kills call recording apps with a verdict!
Google kills call recording apps with a verdict!

Many smartphones have Google Phone preloaded

Concerning the recording of phone calls, Google has already demonstrated signs of being befuddled. Prior to this, Google had removed the call recording feature with Android 10, citing concerns about users’ privacy and security. However, with the release of Android 11, developers gained access to the Accessibility API. With this new API, they were able to launch call recording applications onto the market.

During the developer webinar, a representative from Google stated that an application does not require accessibility access to listen to and record incoming audio; if it is the default dialer on the device and is also pre-loaded. That is to say, this does not constitute a violation of the rule. Any permission can be demanded at this point because it is no longer a secret that if the app company has already installed it can do so.

Over the course of the past few years, Google has implemented a number of measures that are extremely stringent in regard to the privacy of the user on its platform. This is linked to the most recent change that was made to the policy. We would like to inform you that the Google Play Store offers a variety of call-recording apps that are capable of recording a wide variety of different types of calls, including regular phone calls, WhatsApp calls, and Zoom calls.

Users are split into two categories according to this functionality. Either shouldn’t mean or should mean. In that case, what do you think the upper bound should be? Be active by default or activate it manually whenever you like. Have you gotten a confirmation from the person in front of you, or are you recording everything without his permission? The question of how much is debatable, but the fact that the call recording feature is so widely used is not a secret to anyone.

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