Google may disable call recordings from the Android platform

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Google may disable call recordings from the Android platform

Google may disable call recordings from the Android platform

Is call recording on smartphones going away forever? “Technical Dost” don’t think so. However, it appears that Google has planned for this. There are some hints that Google may remove call recording from the Android platform. This, by the way, is not a new phenomenon. Google has already been mired in controversy over call recording. Google had previously removed the call recording feature with Android-10, citing privacy and security concerns. But it returned with Android-11. But something else is going on, “Technical Dost” can tell you.

There was Hint

The date is May 11, 2022. When Google, the company that creates and runs Android, made such a policy change, the program of third-party call recording apps (Android Call Recording Apps) was permanently closed. Following the implementation of the new policy, developers lost access to the Accessibility API for call recording, and as a result, call recording in third-party apps ceased.

By the way, this policy had no effect on your smartphone’s native call recording feature. That is, if the company has already installed such a feature/software in your smartphone, it will record calls. Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo, as well as Google’s own Pixel device.

What will Google then do?

True, there is a native call recording feature, but as you may have noticed, whenever you record a call or someone records your call, a voice can be clearly heard. ‘This call is now being recorded,’ says the operator. This indicates that your call is being recorded. This warning is nearly impossible to remove. Simply put, no settings exist within the smartphone.

Google may disable call recordings from the Android platform, and you can use third-party apps, but the process is time-consuming. Access to your phone app will also be removed. This change is visible in almost every updated Android smartphone. This warning may not be present on some older phones. This is referred to as an unspoken rule. This means that the call will be recorded while you speak. The plot does not end here.

Let’s take a look at Google’s own Pixel device. Google currently offers three devices: the 6A, 7, and 7 Pro. On all three phones, the Google Phone app is set as the default dialer. This app used to have the ability to record phone calls. Was does not imply now, “Technical Dost” looked everywhere. I looked through the settings on all three devices. Nothing is visible. However, Google’s support page still explains how to record phone calls. However, by deferring to the laws of each country.

What exactly does this mean? Is Google planning to discontinue this feature? In any case, the world’s agencies are following him on the issue of user data and privacy. However, only Google knows whether or not this will occur, but we have been told what we saw. If you see call recordings on a Pixel device, please notify us.

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