Here are 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks

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Here are 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks

Here are 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks

Nobody disputes that Google is a very important website. Google is as essential to the curious mind as food. However, did you know that there are some really cool tricks you should be aware of? By trying these 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks, you will get almost accurate results. You can also minimize up to 40% of unwanted results and save your time. 

Here are 5 Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks by Technical Dost.



This method of search will help you achieve an accurate result. A quotation mark (“”) signals to Google that you’re looking for an exact match. Use (“”) to search for an exact phrase. Suppose you are looking for a technical Dost, then type in Google search “technical Dost This will take you easily to my channel and videos. 


2. Exclude

We all want accurate results whenever we search for anything on Google. We all always want filtered results. To get filtered results, try this trick. Suppose you want to buy something from Samsung and don’t want to see Samsung smartwatches in your search. Then type in the search bar for Samsung with a quote and a dash in between, followed by the smartwatch.

“Samsung”-smartwatch. Smartwatch results will not appear or have very low numbers. 


3. Search into Site

People usually open a Google search rather than a particular site or Wikipedia for a specific search to get the best results. This is the smart way to use this trick.

If you want to learn more about India, type the following URL into Google: and this will open the direct page of India’s Wikipedia. 


4. File Type: (Extension)

In day-to-day life, we require different kinds of files and software support from the internet. This method will give you more filtering options, especially when you look for a file like PDF Reader, APK, Adobe, etc. Make a note of the file type that came up in your Google search. For example, if you need a comic in PDF format, then write “comics” Filetype: PDF. You will get all the filtered results of the comics in PDF format. 


Google is the world’s most visited website. It is the best way to find the best results for anything on Google. It works very smartly. If you want to know about Delhi’s weather, just type in “weather” in the search bar. You will see the exact Delhi weather details without visiting any sites. It works like a calculator too. A calculator will appear on your screen when you type “calculator” into Google search. 

Google search also helps in adding, subtracting, etc. For example, type 100+20 in the search and you will get the result without opening a calculator. Also, you want to watch a movie. Enter a movie and a time. And the results are instantly in front of you again without visiting any site. 

I am sure you will like my tips. All these tricks are easy to use. This will help you to get the maximum filter results. By using these tricks, you will save your precious time.

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