The Power of Verification: Google’s Blue Tick for Gmail

The Power of Verification: Google’s Blue Tick for Gmail

Gmail Users are allowed to heave a sigh of relief.

How much have we all heard about Twitter’s Blue Tick? Every day, Elon Musk has fun in his name. You will also be familiar with Blue Tick’s role on Instagram and Facebook. But none of these will be discussed today. We’ll talk about another tech titan, Google’s Blue Tick. If you’re surprised by this name and wondering if Google will participate, don’t be. Yes, this is a Google feature that we could all benefit from.

Technical Dost will explain “The Power of Verification: Google’s Blue Tick for Gmail”.


Blue Tick for Gmail

Gmail. One of the most popular email services. Throughout the day, billions of emails are sent. Between these emails, however, there are fake, spam, and marketing emails. At times, it can be tough to tell them apart. Google found an easy answer to this problem. This is the Gmail blue tick feature for verified businesses.


Part of Google’s BIMI program

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) is a Google search engine program. The name implies check marks or indicators for brand promotion companies. As part of this program, Google has begun awarding blue ticks to businesses. The registered brands in this program must have their logos verified. Following this, these businesses will have a blue tick next to their email address.

The Power of Verification: Google's Blue Tick for Gmail
The Power of Verification: Google’s Blue Tick for Gmail

According to Google’s official blog, this blue tick will not only provide companies with a distinct identity, but it will also provide users with numerous benefits. If there is a blue tick in front of the mail, the business has been verified with Google. Spam and spoof mail will be easier to detect. Blue Tick will be available to Google Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic customers, and business customers in the next three days, according to the company. Personal users will soon be eligible as well.

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