Hello Before Call: Truecaller’s Solution to Annoying Spam Calls

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Hello Before Call: Truecaller's Solution to Annoying Spam Calls

Hello Before Call: Truecaller’s Solution to Annoying Spam Calls

In old Hollywood and Bollywood movies, characters would often use landline phones with voicemail systems. Callers could leave a message on these systems if the recipient didn’t answer. This idea is taken one step further by the “Hello Before Call” Assistant on Truecaller. It’s like having a personal assistant who answers your calls for you. The popular caller ID app Truecaller recently updated with an innovative new feature called “Truecaller Assistant.”

The “Hello Before Call” feature is front and centre when you open the Truecaller app. Here, you can choose from a number of virtual assistants, each of which has its own male or female voice. But that’s not all. You can also change your assistant’s voice and even the language it speaks. You can use Truecaller Assistant in English, Hindi, or any other language that it supports.

When a call comes in, Truecaller Assistant starts to work its magic. Instead of answering or not answering the call right away, the assistant steps in. It says hello to the caller and asks them to identify themselves or say why they are calling. For example, if your friend calls, all they have to say is, “Hey, it’s me!” If it’s a telemarketer or an unknown number, on the other hand, they might say they are a policy seller, a lender, or something else.

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You can also change how your responses sound by using Truecaller Assistant. If you don’t like the way the assistant greets you, you can record your own. This makes sure that your phone calls are answered in a way that fits your personality and the way you like to talk.

The “Hello Before Call” Assistant from Truecaller is a breath of fresh air in a world full of spam calls and unknown numbers. It uses the nostalgia of pre-call greetings and modern technology to solve a problem that has been around for a long time. This feature gives you the power to take control of your calls and stop spam by letting you change the voices, languages, and response options. With Truecaller’s Assistant by your side, you can welcome the new era of caller ID and say goodbye to unwanted calls.

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