How to create a self-WhatsApp sticker

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How to create a self-WhatsApp sticker

Innovation is the key to success. The most popular messaging app adds a feature. This feature is interesting and full of fun.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. This app gives you the freedom to make a sticker of yourself. The process is quite easy.


How to create a self-WhatsApp sticker

There are multiple ways to create a self-WhatsApp sticker. But the easiest way is by downloading apps that let you create a self-WhatsApp sticker quickly. All these apps are third-party. You can create a self-WhatsApp sticker on your iPhone and Android too.

Whatsapp’s official website has details as well.


1. A PNG image

  • A PNG image is required for self-stickers.
  • To make a PNG image, you need to download “Background Eraser” on your Android.
  • With the help of this app, you can remove the background of your image. Try to take a plain background image of yours.
  • A plain background image can be easily removed. Now save this image under the name ‘.png’ image.
  • Make at least three photos of yours. The WhatsApp sticker requires a minimum of three images.


2. Personal Sticker

  • The last step is to download the “Personal Sticker for WhatsApp”. You can get the app from the Google Play Store whenever you want.
  • When you run the program for the first time after the download is done. You will find all 3 of your images. Tap the “Add” button. That’s it.


3. Finally, the sticker is ready

  • After pressing the Add button, Open your WhatsApp. In the sticker section, you will see stickers of yourself.
  • The image is ready to share with anyone you want to surprise. Don’t forget to impress your friend circle with this.

All of the apps I recommend work without a hitch and are easy to use. If you face any problem, a video of the same is also available. I am sure you will subscribe to my channel for such informative and helpful information. Don’t miss your chance to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


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