How to Create an IRCTC Account

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How to Create an IRCTC Account

How to Create an IRCTC Account

When we have important work to do outside the house, we often have to wait in long lines to get tickets. But because there is a lot of traffic, we can’t get tickets in time, so we often miss our train. If you sign up for IRCTC, you can now book tickets online for free.

India is getting better and better at digital things every day. Indian Railways has helped with this by making a website and app that will save you both time and work. This account is also called an IRCTC account.

How to Create an IRCTC Account with Technical Dost.


What is IRCTC?

The Ministry of Railways made the IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) an online ticket booking website and app because the lines at railway ticket counters are getting longer and longer. Indian Railways has an e-ticketing service that lets anyone book or cancels an online ticket at any time from their phone while at home.

IRCTC makes it easy for us to book our tickets online, so we don’t have to wait in line or deal with any trouble. When we go to a shop to buy tickets, they often charge us extra money and waste our time by making us go there. But now we can do this work on our own and save time and money.


How to create IRCTC ID

For online ticket booking, the IRCTC ID is very important. A new login is needed to make IRCTC work, and you can find out everything you need to know about IRCTC.

How to Create an IRCTC Account
How to Create an IRCTC Account


Step 1: Navigate to the IRCTC website

To make an account on IRCTC, you must first go to on your computer or mobile browser.


Step 2: Click on “Register”

Click on “Register” when you get to the IRCTC website.

When you click “Register,” a page with three parts will open:

  1. Basic Details
  2. Personal Details
  3. Residential Address

In these choices, you must fill in all of your information. What information to put in each column? Let’s talk about how to fill in each column one at a time.

1. User’s Identification

For IRCTC Id first, you have to enter your User Id here so that you can “Log in” to your account. The number of characters in the User ID should be between 3 and 10. Aside from that, you can click “Check Availability” after entering the user ID to see if the user ID you entered is taken or not.

2. Password

After you set the User ID, you will also need to set a new password, which you will need to enter when you log in to check the security of your account and make sure no one else can get in. A lot of people have trouble making an IRCTC Password, so we’ll give you an IRCTC Password Example: Apple@1234.

A password should have at least eight characters but no more than fifteen. It must have at least one small letter and one capital letter, as well as a mathematical letter with at least one number, like Apple1234. It has only numbers with capital letters and small ones.

3. Confirmation of Password

To put in the IRCTC Password, type in the same password you just put in above.

4. Security Questions

There are many choices, like “What is the name of your pet?” etc. Choose the one that will be easy to remember. If you forget your password, it helps you get back into your account.

5. Security Answer

After entering the security question, you’ll need to enter the answer to the security question in the “Security Answer” field. You’ll need to do this during the security check when you’re trying to get back into your account.


Step 3: Language of Preference

Here, you can choose the language you want to use this feature in.


Step 4: Fill out your contact information.

  1. Name:-Write your name under “First Name.” If you write something between your first name and last name in the “Middle Name” box, it is not filled. If you don’t write anything there, leave it blank and write your last name in the “Last Name” box.
  2. Gender: If you’re a man, click “Male,” and if you’re a woman, click “Female.”
  3. Status: If you are married, click “Married,” and if you are single, click “Unmarried.”
  4. Date of Birth: In the “Date of Birth” field, you must enter your date of birth from your matriculation mark sheet.
  5. Occupation: For this, you can choose a government job, a private job, a student job, etc., no matter what you do for a living.
  6. Aadhar Card No: Enter the number on the back of your Aadhar card here. Leave this choice blank if you don’t have an Aadhar card. (This post will teach you how to make an Aadhar card.)
  7. Pan Card: Enter your PAN card number here if you have one. If not, leave it empty.
  8. Country: If you are an Indian citizen, click on India. If you are from another country, look up the name of your country and click on it.
  9. Email: After choosing the country where you want to set up your IRCTC KiEmail ID, you have to enter your own “Email ID” here.
  10. ISD-mobile: After entering your email address, go to the “ISD-mobile” option and enter your phone number. This will help you get all kinds of information and verification codes in the future when you do things like IRCTC User Id Change or IRCTC User Id Forgot.
  11. Nationality: If you are an Indian citizen, click “Indian” in this section. If you are a foreign citizen (NRI), choose the nationality of your country.


Step 5: Enter your complete address in the blanks.

  1. How many apartments, doors, or blocks are there: Type in the number of your house here.
  2. Type in the name of the colony or street.
  3. Area/Location: In this box, type the name of the area near you that you also use in your mailing address.
  4. In this box, enter the PIN code for your area.
  5. State: When you enter your PIN code, your state is automatically chosen for you. If this isn’t the case, you can also choose your state from the list.
  6. City or Town: This one is also given. If it doesn’t come, you choose the name of your district.
  7. Post Office: In this case, the name of the post office in your area will show up as an option. Choose that one.
  8. Phone: you can put in your phone number or mobile phone number here.


Step 6: Enter the appropriate captcha code.

For IRCTC User Id Verification, you will see a “Captcha Code” made up of letters and numbers. Put that code into the box below.


Step 7: Now submit the registration form.

Now, at the end of the form, click the “Submit Registration Form” button. When you click, a page will open in front of you. On that page, you’ll click “I agree to the terms and conditions.” Then, you’ll see the word “Successfully,” which means that your account has been made.


Step 8: Finally, log in to IRCTC using your User ID and Password.

To open the account, go to the email address and click on the link in the “Ticketadmin Mail” message. If you click this link, you’ll go to the IRCTC login page. Go there and use “Login” to set up your account by entering your IRCTC User ID and password.

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